The exhibitions this season treat you to first class experiences on many different and interesting subjects. Here's our pick of exhibitions you should not miss!

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, our country is subject to restrictions. This means that many places of interest in our destination are currently affected by these restrictions, for example Bildmuseet, the Museum of Women's History and the Västerbotten Museum, which will all be closed for the time being.


For those of you who, despite corona restrictions, want to experience art in Umeå, we suggest you walk the art route in the centre of the city or visit the Umedalen Sculpture park


Faith Ringgold

As an artist, activist and author, Faith Ringgold has challenged injustices and prejudices about Afro-American identity for five decades. In a large retrospective exhibition, Bildmuseet presents her paintings, graphics and textile works from the 1960s to the 2000s. The exhibition will open as soon as possible. 
Date: until 10 January 2021
Museum: Bildmuseet


Retro Lane

Every age has its own aesthetic and its own interior design ideal. Some trends vanish quickly, others become established and some see a resurgence and become more popular than ever. Visit four different rooms on Retro Lane. Step in and make yourself at home. Play games and watch videos.
Date: until 31 January 2021
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Once Upon a Time in Västerbotten

Interactive culture history about Västerbotten in late 19th century. Discover Västerbotten’s history on a journey along Ume River one late summer day in the 1880s. Your trip will take you from the Tärna mountains in the west to Umeå in the east, where Stina, Anna and Per will share stories about what their lives were like
Date: until 31 January 2020
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Votes for Women

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of when women in Sweden could vote in parliamentary elections for the first time. In the exhibition Sara Teleman tells a history of women’s suffrage through a range of humoristic portraits of people who fought for women’s rights, in Sweden and globally.
Date: until 6 February 2021
Museum: Museum of Women's History


A forest of time – Sune Jonsson’s documentary films

Photographer, film maker, author and field ethnologist Sune Jonsson (1930–2009) was during several decades employed at Västerbottens museum. He produced no less than twenty documentary films, in most cases together with Swedish national TV, about small holders in Lapland, coastal fishing, ski manufacturing and mountain farmers etc. Jonsson wanted to preserve the knowledge of these traditionally important crafts for posterity. Please note that the films are in Swedish with no subtitles.
Date: until 7 February 2021
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Maja Daniels: Elf Dalia

Maja Daniels’ personal interpretation of Älvdalen’s vivid cultural heritage depicts the mystery of the area and the actively used Elfdalian, a language with roots in Old Norse. Elf Dalia examines history, language, rituals, mysteries, and oddities of daily life. The exhibit explores how mystery and folklore have formed the stories about Älvdalen, and how superstition and occultism are expressed in a modern society, deeply influenced by science and facts.
Date: until 28 February 2021
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Worlds of Notions

Magic and folklore have long been self-evident aspects of Västerbotten traditions, but what happens with these ways of viewing the world when society transforms and changes? Västerbottens Museum’s ethnologist, storytelling curator, and documentary photographer explore in the exhibition modern expressions of popular beliefs with a focus on folklore, magic, and unexplainable events. The exhibition shows examples of old stories, collects new ones, and tracks how traditional oral traditions have been passed on to the present.
Date: until 28 February 2021
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Safe Places

The exhibition is based on how children describe, experience, and portray their home and living environments and a qualitative research study with active participation by 10–13 year-old pupils in municipal schools in Umeå. Safe Places is a collaboration with Kulturverket and the Department of Social Work at Umeå University.
Date: until 28 February 2021
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Freedom of speech

Democracy is built on a foundation of conversation, open debate and the ability to listen even when you don’t like what is being said. When we are free to say what we want, it’s easy to take it for granted. But freedom of speech is not a fixed entity. It is the result of a long struggle and it must be upheld and defended again and again. The exhibition is produced by The Living History Forum.
Date: until 28 March 2021
Museum: Västerbottens museum


Ground Control

The exhibition explores connections between plants, politics and history. It brings together works by contemporary artists who are interested in the political dimensions of botany: plants as a commodity, the circulation of plants around the world, and their classification.
Date: until 11 April 2021
Museum: Bildmuseet


Larissa Sansour / Heirloom

In her exhibition Heirloom, Larissa Sansour takes us to a dystopic future where the Earth has undergone an ecological collapse. There, the human clone Alia addresses the trauma, life goals and dreams of previous generations. What stories do we take over from previous generations? How are our lives shaped by this heirloom?
Date: until 11 April 2021
Museum: Bildmuseet