The exhibitions this season treat you to first class experiences on many different and interesting subjects. Here's our pick of exhibitions you should not miss!

Many companies and attractions are currently affected by restrictions due to the corona virus COVID-19. Visit the facilities' own websites for up-to-date information and opening hours.



One can play more than one

In the first exhibition of the summer in the art hall at Norrbyskär, we will meet works by Emma Papworth, Linda Morell and Anna Hillbom.
Date: until 8 July, 2020
Museum: Norrbyskär Museum


The climate - our future

This summer's second exhibition in the art hall at Norrbyskär, is an exhibition with eleven artists; Kristina Nilsdotter, Gunilla Samberg, Ulla Tøgersen, Christina Västerbo, Anita Midbjer, Annalena Törnström, Britt Hillbom, Andreas Hedberg, Anita Kärrman, Eva Karolina Lantz and Viktoria Melinder.
Date: 11 July – 8 August 2020
Museum: Norrbyskär Museum



This summer's exhibition at Holmön's boat museum offers photographs by Per Hansson, who urges us to watch the lichen up close.
Date: until 16 August 2020 
Museum: Holmön’s boat museum


Konst i Kvarn

Visual art and photography, a wide exhibition with everything from collage, acrylic embroidery mixing techniques to watercolors and
oil paintings. 26 artists exhibit in 9 rooms.
Date: until July 31 2020
Exhibition: Konst i Kvarn


A World Upside Down

With a sharp humour, Christer Themptander comments and questions the power and injustice in society with his absurd and poetic collage. In the exhibition you will meet several of the artist's images that were created during the 21st century.
Date: until 22 August 2020
Museum: Umeå Konsthall


100% Fight – A History of Sweden

An exhibition that shows how society can be changed by rights movements. It tells the story of people who have fought for their own rights, as well as the rights of others. Fought for the right to live and love on equal terms.
Date: until 29 August 2020
Museum: Museum of Women´s History


Votes for Women

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of when women in Sweden could vote in parliamentary elections for the first time. In the exhibition Sara Teleman tells a history of women’s suffrage through a range of humoristic portraits of people who fought for women’s rights, in Sweden and globally.
Date: until 6 February 2021
Museum: Museum of Women´s History