The exhibitions this season treat you to first class experiences on many different and interesting subjects. Here's our pick of exhibitions you should not miss!

1) At Home We Belong / Documentary photography

In his work, Inuuteq Storch often combines his own photography with a rich archival material, all to enrich and nuance the narrow image of Greenland often presented to the outside world. He grew up in Greenland in the 1990’s and most of his photographic work involves investigations of his nationality and cultural roots. This exhibition communicates a multi-layered and nuanced image of today’s Greenland, along with a both private and universal historical survey. But above all it has a unique perspective from within a culture, most often portrayed from the outside.
Date: May 25th to August 25th 2019
Museum: Västerbottens museum

2) Carl Johan De Geer / The big misconception

Innovative, provocative and brilliantly versatile, Carl Johan De Geer has worked as a visual artist, designer, filmmaker, photographer, scenographer and author. But, initially he wanted to be a textile designer. The exhibition is entirely devoted to De Geer's textile work and compiles a rich selection of fabrics, pattern sketches and documentary photographs.
Date: April 12th to September 15th 2019
Museum: Bildmuseet

3) Housekeeping

In the exhibition Housekeeping, the artist Petra Hultman considers the rise of the housewife ideal of the 1950s. A visual narrative is created through artwork featuring mosaics made up of film frames and open copies. During the post-war creation of people’s homes, modern methods were developed to simplify housekeeping for women. These included careful planning, new efficient procedures and tried-and-tested tools professionalizing unpaid labor. Women’s work in the home has been a political issue for generations of feminists and it has once again appeared in party politics.
Date: April 28th to September 22nd 2019
Museum: Kvinnohistoriskt museum

4) Animalesque / Art Across Species and Beings

The exhibition brings together a selection of artworks – film and video, drawing and sculpture, installations and sound works – that invite viewers to rethink the human position in the world and its relation to all other life forms and to the various, complex ecologies that bond beings together.
Date: June 14th to October 20th 2019
Museum: Bildmuseet

5) Forthright and creative joy / Folk art from Västerbotten

General painters, wood carvers, amateurs – the names are many. What unites them are the desire and joy to create prominent details and colour richness. The term “folk art” can be defined as art created by people without formal art education. The results are personal, characteristic and independent works of art, that are rarely influenced by styles through time. This exhibition has artistic intention and shows the Västerbottniska heritage in customs and traditions. Date: June 30th toJanuary 26th 2020
Museum: Västerbottens museum