The exhibitions this season treat you to first class experiences on many different and interesting subjects. Here's our pick of exhibitions you should not miss!

Animalesque / Art Across Species and Beings

The exhibition brings together a selection of artworks – film and video, drawing and sculpture, installations and sound works – that invite viewers to rethink the human position in the world and its relation to all other life forms and to the various, complex ecologies that bond beings together.
Date: until 20 October 2019
Museum: Bildmuseet

Nice Guys – What is a nice guy anyway?

The exhibition is the degree project of Artist Linea Matei at Konstfack. It is the result of extensive research and statistics from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, Statistics Sweden, the Swedish National Agency for Education, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy.
Date: until 1 December 2019
Museum: Kvinnohistoriskt museum (The Museum of Women´s History)

Forthright and creative joy / Folk art from Västerbotten

General painters, wood carvers, amateurs – the names are many. What unites them are the desire and joy to create prominent details and colour richness. The term “folk art” can be defined as art created by people without formal art education. The results are personal, characteristic and independent works of art, that are rarely influenced by styles through time. This exhibition has artistic intention and shows the Västerbottniska heritage in customs and traditions.
Date: until 26 January 2020
Museum: Västerbottens museum


This exhibition shows a wide and varied collection of self-portraits taken by professional photographers, artists and local photographers – all women. Many of the photographs, spanning the period from the 1860s to 2000, are displayed here for the first time.
Date: until 26 January 2020
Museum: Västerbottens museum

Grada Kilomba / A World of Illusions

In Grada Kilomba’s film trilogy Illusions we encounter the well-known fables of Narcissus, Oedipus, Eurydice and Antigone, reworked and performed by mime artists. Through ancient mythology and colonial history, Illusions speaks of human rights directly into our contemporary times.
Date: until 8 March 2020
Museum: Bildmuseet