Mariehemsvägen 13 G

For a time, Stieg Larsson lived in a commune here at Mariehemsvägen 13G. However, he soon joined that time’s exodus to Stockholm. Before leaving, he had been refused a place by what is now Stockholm University’s Department of Journalism, Media and Communication. However, this did not stop Stieg Larsson. After a stint with the postal services, he got a job as a journalist at the TT news agency. He stayed there many years.

In 1995, Stieg was in at the beginning of Expo, a newspaper investigating Sweden’s extreme right. At the same time, he wrote a number of novels. This “side line” led to a major success which, unfortunately, he never witnessed. This success is, of course, the Millennium trilogy of books. Over 50 million copies have been sold in 43 countries.

Stieg Larsson wanted to change or, at least, influence the world. In some respects, he achieved this through his books. Aged 50, Stieg Larsson died of a heart attack on the 9th of November 2004.

  • Address Mariehemsvägen 13G Umeå