Nya restauranger

New restaurants in Umeå

A culinary boom has been going on in our destination for some time now. Every year new restaurants are added and deliver new trends and taste adventures to both Umeå residents and incoming visitors.

1. Pasito
Italian restaurant from the neighborhood Haga. Opens in new premises downtown Umeå during early summer 2019. 
2. Zillers Brasserie & Bar 
Beer brewers have opened a new restaurant in prison environment (opened in February 2019.) Information 
3. Bastard Burgers
Hamburger heaven (opened February 2019.) Information
4. Cinco
Restaurant with a Spanish touch that moved into the premises of old Allstar (opened in January 2019). Information
5. "New" Rost 
The popular vegan and vegetarian restaurant at Rådhusesplanaden moved to Skolgatan 49-51, more known as Lilla Rost (opened in December 2018.) Information
6. Zaion -  Horn of Afrika
Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant, which also serves dishes from the Central African countries South Africa and Kenya (opened in November 2018.) Information
7. Harrys 
The restaurant chain that made a come back in Umeå (opened in November 2018.) Information
8. Chili & Wok 
Family friendly restaurant at Avion Shopping which serves classic Asian food in a modern way (opened in autumn 2018.) Information
8. Harlequin
Wine bar and restaurant with own wine hotel (opened in October 2018). Picture above. Information
9. Elektra 
Norrlandsoperan's new meeting place that takes the visitor behind the scenes (opened in October 2018.) Information