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New stores in Umeå

What kind of shopping do you prefer? Art and design or beauty and fashion? Here we have listed some of the new shops and stores in Umeå.

1. Patches and Pins
New store concept with a focus on accessories such as caps, hats, sunglasses, headphones and more. The roots are found in streetwear and urban culture. Information
2. Artby
Artby is a new Scandinavian art brand that works with some of Scandinavia's most interesting and promising artists. Information


3. JC Avion Shopping
Don't miss a visit to JC's new store at Avion Shopping. With a focus on just jeans and with innovative technology, customers can quickly find the right model by pressing a button on a screen. Information


4. Hanzens
Umeå's largest shop in shop store, 1 500 sqm on two levels. GANT for women, men and youth have a total of 300 sqm! Other brands include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Morris, Lyle & Scott, Peak Performance, Part Two, InWear, Samsøe & Samsøe, By Marlene Birger, Sail Racing et al. Information


5. Studio Sisters in Law
Do you have an idea for ​​a dress that you want to realize? Or do you have a picture of a dress that you can't get hold of, or maybe already bought a dress that you want to get altered? In the cute shop on Sveagatan in Umeå you will get help with everything related to your wedding dress. Information
6. Granit
Granit is a Swedish design and lifestyle store that offers inspiring and sustainable function in neutral colors. In the chain's most northerly store you will find interior details, smart storage solutions, comfortable kitchenware and lots of lovely plants and pots. Information


7. Naturkompaniet
Umeå's top store for out door equippment. In 300m2 filled with exciting quality equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry. The store has a large selection for those who are looking for nice gifts and good to have gadgets. Here you will find a large selection of backpacks, shoes, clothes and sleeping bags, tents and other hiking equipment. Information


8. Åhléns Outlet
Åhléns Outlet at Åhléns Umeå offers an assortment for home, ladies, men and children with both well-known brands and new, temporary, brands. Up to 30-70 percent lower than recommended price. Information