Norra Ersmarksgatan 52

After a few years on Hagmarksvägen, the Larsson family moved the short distance to Norra Ersmarksgatan 52. Erland Larsson particularly remembers one summer day in 1966. Stieg showed him a notebook in which he had penned a youthful detective novel. Although the action took place in America, there was a detailed description of the cycle path to Nydalasjön in Umeå. This enchanted Erland. He realised that Stieg loved writing. Consequently, his parents gave Stieg a Facit typewriter. As typewriters were expensive in those days, it had to be bought on hire purchase.

Instead of hearing stories being told, little brother Joakim now had to listen to the sound of the words being born. However, the nightly rattling of the typewriter became a little too much for the family and Stieg was given a room in the basement.

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