Take the bus to the rally! Here you will find all the information you may need regarding bus traffic during Rally Sweden.

This information is no longer relevant.


Everyone with a rally ticket travels for FREE with buses IN THE UMEÅ CENTER (City buses and Ultra).


Buses to: Red Barn Arena 

Between Umeå City and The Red Barn Arena, there will be specially deployed city buses every 10 minutes.

Friday - City buses run between 14.30-21.30

Saturday - City busesrun between 9.30-21.30.

Buses depart from stop L on Vasaplan. Stop Renmarkstorget is used by you who travel between Umeå City Skeppsbron and The Red Barn Arena.

Local bus line 5 can also be used (stop Löjtnantsgatan)

See the bus map in Umeå city

On Tabussen's website you can find an information sheet and other information


Buses to: Umeå Service Park Nolia 

Local buses lines 1, 7 and 81 take you from Vasaplan to Umeå Service Center (Dragonskolan stop).


Buses between Rally Sweden's parking areas

When Parking A is full, cars are directed to Parking B - Västerslätt where then buses go to Parking A. Signposted walkway from Parking A to The Red Barn Arena is via a temporary staircase up to the footbridge in the direction of The Red Barn Arena. Parking buses run between Parking A and B until 9.30 pm both Friday and Saturday. Parking and parking buses are free.

See overview map




There will be rally buses from Umeå to the various stages run by Umeåbuss. These buses are not free and you need to buy a separate rally bus ticket.

Djäkneböle for "Shakedown i Klabböle", 
Sävar SS3 - Kroksjön SS4 - Umeå Sprint SS7, 
Brattby SS8 - Umeå 1 SS11 - Umeå 2 SS15, 
Sarsjöliden 1 SS17

For times and prices click here

Map of all the stages




There will be free bus transport from Vindeln to the sections in Kamsjön SS2 / SS5 and Kulbäcksliden SS16 / SS18. And from Nordmaling to Långed SS10.

BUS TO STAGES: Kamsjön SS2/SS5 and Kulbäcksliden SS16/SS18. See information and times

BUS TO STAGES: Långed SS10. See information and times


Travel to Vindeln or Nordmaling from Umeå:





The airport bus runs between Vasaplan (Stop O) and Umeå Airport.

See information and times



There are several places to park a bus in Umeå, but be prepared that they are limited. For other questions regarding bus parking, please contact UPAB.


Järnvägsallén Bussparkering:
Spots: 18 st
Fee 00-24
Every day SEK12/h, SEK 60/day
Zone code: 678


Magasinsgatan 7:
Spots: 1 st
Parking for a maximum of two hours. No parking between 19-09.


Storgatan 44:
Spots: 1 st
Parking 15 minutes.


Sveagatan 21:
Spots: 1 st
Three buses, maximum four hours. No parking between 21-06.


Dunkersgatan 5:
Spots: 1 st
Parking for a maximum four hours. No parking between 19-09.


Mimer, Kungsgatan 75:
Spots: 18 st
Fee 00-24
Every day SEK 21/h
Zone code: 630