We are still in a pandemic and unfortunately Rally Sweden is affected by this again this year. It is important that we help each other to reduce the spread of infection. Here you get information about what you as a visitor can do and what restrictions apply. We update the information continuously.

Do not attend the event if you have symptoms

It is very important that you do not attend the event if you experience cold symptoms. Test yourself if you feel symptoms.

Here you can test yourself in Umeå


Traveling restrictions

From January 21, the government removes the requirement for a negative covid test issued within 48 hours before entry into Sweden. This makes it easier for foreign visitors to enter Sweden. In Finland, internal border control is removed from 1 February.

Read more about the new travel restrictions here


Avoid cramped areas

We again have rules regarding how many people are allowed to stay in a certain area. Establishments currently require at least 10m² / person indoors.


Keep your distance

It is important that we keep our distance from each other. Change places if there are too many people around you. Indoors, at least 10m² / person applies.


Wear a mask and avoid congestion

You who travel by public transport should use mouth guards. Feel free to use mouth guards even when you visit trading places or other places with many visitors. Make sure you always have one or more mouth guards with you.


Keep your hands clean

Wash your hands with soap and water, but also use rubbing alcohol. Hand alcohol is available in many public places and there are small bottles and hand napkins to buy.


Plan your restaurant visit

The restaurants in Umeå follow the Public Health Authorities' recommendations to make your visit safe and secure. Serving takes place at the table in both restaurants and bars. Book a table in advance and keep in mind that a party may consist of a maximum of eight people.

Contact information for Umeå's restaurants/bars


Follow recommendations and stay updated

You will find current information on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website.

Recommendations and the latest updates