Do you live in Umeå? Then it can be good to keep track of how the rally days may affect your everyday life.

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This is Rally Sweden

Rally Sweden is Sweden's largest recurring event and we are very happy to host the competition and folk festival. With 13 races worldwide, Sweden has the only winter rally in the world championship. It is important that you as a resident of Umeå understand that this week of motorsport can affect your everyday life. We want the rally week to be a positive experience for both visitors and you who live here, even if you do not intend to visit the competition yourself. Together we can create a rally experience for life! 

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Many visitors

Rally Sweden usually attracts around 100,000 visitors usually. This year, such a high number is not expected, but more people than usual will be in Umeå. As a reference, Brännbollsyran had 16,500 visitors in 2019 and Red Barn Arena can accommodate up to 30,000 visitors.



With more people comes more traffic. You who work during the rally week should consider not taking the car to work, as queues will probably occur. You who have the means can take the opportunity to take a walk or bike ride. If you must use a car to get to work, we advise you to avoid Umeå center.


Public transport

During the rally week, public transport will be in full swing as many visitors want to get to different places around the city. It is to expect many full buses and if you have the opportunity to get where you are going in another way, like walking or bicycling, we advise you to do so.


Red Barn Arena

This is the arena built on the I20 area specifically for Rally Sweden 2022. Many visitors can be expected here during the day and the areas adjacent to the area will notice this. The bus that takes visitors from the center to Red Barn stops at Haga, so residents in the area will see many people in motion.


Rådhustorget and Skeppsbron

In the center of Umeå, there will be two rally areas where visitors can socialize, eat and take part in entertainment connected to the rally. These areas are Rådhustorget and Skeppsbron. After Rally party, which is Rally Sweden's official afterparty, will be held here every day. A lot of people are expected here, so keep that in mind if you are going past the center.


Noise level

If you live or stay near any of the areas, you can expect the normal noise level during these days to increase. Especially if you live near the I20 area where rally cars pass by. The rally takes place during the day so it won't affect the night's sleep, but if you live closer to the center, it can be good to know that the After Rally party at Skeppsbron lasts until 01:00 every day.


Restaurant and bar

Restaurants and bars will probably be heavily booked in Umeå given the number of visitors expected.



You may have seen that there are many who put up their houses for rent during the rally week. This is because many hotels are already fully booked and it will probably not be possible to get accommodation in hotels or hostels as the event approaches.




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