Marc Strömberg is the Umeå artist behind the cloudberry grenade and the UÅ symbol. For Rally Sweden in Umeå, he has now created a completely unique photo wall, and crafts for rally-curious young Umeå residents.

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It has been difficult to miss the success of the creative collective Random Bastards in recent years. The artist Erik 'Fricky' Friman has conquered both top lists and the P3 Gold Gala with his Norrland RnB, and with a plethora of skateboard / snowboard movies, stylish webshop and artists such as Broder John, Cleo, Academics, Gonza Ra, Erk and Trainspotters, Storspoven AB has put Umeå on the urban map.


In the background is always the multi-artist Marc “UÅ” Strömberg, who with his characteristic illustrations and his colorful imagery sets the graphic tone for the creative collective. His art can be seen on soft drink bottles, hoodies, album covers, murals and comic books. And now - also at Rally Sweden.
- Visit Umeå wanted to create a photo wall that visitors can take pictures in front of, and saw that the energy and drive in my illustrations would fit with the speed and presence of the rally. So I was commissioned to create an illustration that highlights what is Umeå's unique version of the Rally WC, says Marc Strömberg.


The photo wall, which is 2x3 meters in size, will be on Rådhustorget in connection with the rally week, is a throng of Umeå-related motifs. Västerbotten's county birds Storspovar, the culture building Väven, the water tower at Mariehem together with various animals and landmarks will be an exciting background for visitors to take pictures in front of.
- I tried to squeeze in all the action-paction from wild cars in uncertain curves together with Umeå's symbolism in an easy and playful mishmash. References that both rally enthusiasts and Umeå residents can relate to, says Marc Strömberg.

Marc Strömberg, konstnären bakom flera kända väggmålningar.