Do you love to travel and discover new things but want to do it in a sustainable way? This guide contains our top five tips for a fun, unforgettable and sustainable visit to Umeå!

Vasaplan i Umeå


1. Travel to us in a sustainable way

You can travel to Umeå by train, bus or plane. Yes, even by ferry from Finland! One of the world's most environmentally friendly passenger ship, Aurora Botnia, is operating on the Umeå - Vaasa route. With us, you will also find a well-developed public transport system, with environmentally friendly buses. Since March 2017, our local traffic is completely fossil-free.

Here we have gathered information on how to travel to Umeå in a sustainable way

Scandic plaza i Umeå


2. Make sustainable accommodation choices

There is a lot you can do yourself to ensure that your trip has as little impact on the environment as possible. Start by booking your accommodation at a facility that works actively with sustainability. Many housing facilities in our region are environmentally certified and work with sustainability in focus. Here you can read more about sustainable accommodation options in our destination. We also provide tips on what you can do yourself for a more sustainable hotel stay.



3. Discover Umeå in a sustainable way

Get to know Umeå on a guided tour. Why not hop on UmeEcoRide's electric podtaxi and get a guided tour on your way to another part of town? Or maybe a guided city walk or bike ride with Umeå Tours? If you want to discover Umeå on your own, one of Ultra's many nice electric buses will always be close by!

For those who like to hike, there is the trail Tavelsjöleden, which starts right in the centre of the city. If you just want to go for a short walk to discover the surroundings, you will find tips on nice strolls in Umeå here. Are you looking for a real challenge? Take the bus to Tavelsjö and climb some of the Tavelsjö Ten Peaks.

Gårdshem i Umeå


4. Shop sustainably

Shopping and sustainability, do they really go together? Absolutely, if you make the right choices. Make sure to shop sustainably by choosing ecological, locally made or second hand. Here are some of our tips för sustainable shopping:
If you like exciting flavours and good food, we suggest Umeå residents' favourites DUÅ and Gårdshem. The Röda korset City and pryl1900 are good alternatives for those looking for second hand and retro. Unique shops that sell locally produced and handicrafts are, for example, Hemslöjden and Handelsgården. The Eljest store is located in the Ön area of Umeå and is well worth a visit. Meretes offers lots of organic health products and foods. You will find beautiful plants and vintage pots at Linné och Grankvist. If you are thinking of getting married, you must not miss Sisters in Law.

Here you will find more tips on local and sustainable shopping in our destination

Harlequin Umeå


5. Enjoy local food and drink

Whether you prefer vegetarian, fish or meat, choose organic, locally produced and locally grown - both when it comes to food and drink. Several of the city's most popular restaurants work actively for a sustainable restaurant industry.

Here you can learn more about Umeå's sustainable restaurants