Vretgatan 12

At the beginning of the 1970s, so that Stieg Larsson’s writing would not disturb sleeping neighbours, his parents found him a nearby bed-sit, here at Vretgatan 12. From their balcony, the family could often see Stieg’s lights burning late into his nights of creativity.

Stieg took care of breakfast himself, but came home to the family for dinner. The meals were intense meetings. This was a time of high passions. As many others, Stieg had joined the movement against the war in Vietnam. He was also a member of the Trotskyist Communist Workers League. This was a couple of steps to the left of Erland and Vivianne Larsson. His father was active in the trade union movement and his mother was a social democrat representative. As Stieg could express himself just as well verbally as in writing, he nearly always had the last word.

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