Forest Sami Cultural Journey - Umeå Food Symposium

Forest Sami Cultural Journey

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Departure: Sunday, 5 June, from Umeå City Center Bus stop W (Wasaline) near Elite Hotel Mimer, 07:30-17:30 approx.
Price: 1 500 SEK per person.
Includes bus trip, home-baked gahkku (Sami bread) with reindeer roast. Coffee and smoked reindeer meat, guided tours, museum visits, yoik and tour guide.
Clothing: It will be a day in the woods and nature so bring proper shoes and warm clothes.
Last day for registration/payment: Thursday 2 June 2022

Our trip goes to Malå, Västerbotten County's only forest Sami village where we get to meet the forest Sami culture. Here we meet reindeer herders and get an in-depth picture of the Sami history, culture, and the present. Here are the calving lands and year-round lands where the forest Sami have worked since ancient times. It will be an exciting day with a focus on the life and culture of the forest Sami. We get an insight into life then and now. The right to use one's language in preschool activities, elderly care and in contacts with the municipality. The Sami Mikael Grahn will guide us in Sami history during the trip.

During the day, freshly baked gahkku, a flatbread origination from the Sami people, is served with reindeer roast, coffee and smoked reindeer meat. We visit a settlement, so called Viste, and in the homestead museum we see old Sami objects. The visit ends with a yoik by Sami Grand Prix Winner 2022, Jörgen Stenberg.

The bus journey takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes one way. You will be back in Umeå around 17:30.


Register for the tour by e-mailing [email protected]