Midnight sun tour

Guided tour in the Midnight Sun

Sustainable agriculture in the Umeå area
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Day: Thursday, 2 june
Time: 19.00–23.00, approx.
Meeting point: Umeå Folkets hus, main entrance at 18.45.
Dresscode: Boots, warm sweater or jacket.
Number of participants: A maximum of 20 people.
Targeted audience: For you who are interested in the Midnight Sun, biodiversity, Swedish agriculture and the processing of products. Media is given priority.
Fee: Free of charge. However, we would appreciate if you convey your experiences and newly gained knowledge through your channels and thus contribute to increase the knowledge on sustainable food production in Sweden. 

Join us for a bus trip 50 kilometres outside of Umeå and meet Roma and Kent and their family, who run the farm Åbrånets Limousin. They will introduce you to their business and talk more about the conditions for a meat producer in northern Sweden, with cold and dark winters, and long bright summer nights. Kent and Roma refine the farming products into highly appreciated charcuterie products, a product you can find at their farmshop and in their own restaurant. We will start the visit outdoors with tastings of local charcuterie from the farm and a pie made from the unique cheese from our region: Västerbottensost (a hard, granular cheese). To this, sap from a birch tree will be served. For the main course, Åbrånets Limousine will provide skewers with limousine meat, with accompaniments taken from the surrounding landscape; nettles, fireweed, chantarelles and almond potatoes. We will end the meal with a traditional Swedish dessert; Kalvdans, a dessert made from the local cows unpasteurized colostrum milk. It will be served with cloudberry jam.

An expert from SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are also joining this trip. The expert will give the participants an introduction in how Sweden works nationally with the preservation of meadows and pastures, and why grazing animal’s enables an increased biodiversity in this part of the world.

Registration is made through Anki Berg, [email protected] no later than Wednesday, 1 June, at 12.00 mid-day.

The trip is carried out within the framework of project MatSam – a collaborative project between several municipalities within the Umeå region (Nordmaling, Umeå and Vännäs), pushing for more local food. The project is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and Region Västerbotten.