Thank you for a successful Umeå Food Symposium 2022!

(The information on this page is no longer valid.)


Welcome by Umeå! 

Umeå is a city of progressive front runners. Of people who believe that a positive change is possible. Who think that we can create a better society by working together and helping each other. Of people who have new ideas and courage to test them.  A city of people who welcome dedicated and curious minds such as all of you who will attend Gourmand & Hallbars Award and for the first time - Umeå Food Symposium June 2-5.  



11 unexpected things to discover in Umeå

First visit to Umeå? Get to know our northern city and be prepared for all it's quirks with this list.


Richard Juhlin Greeting

The champagne master Richard Juhlin greets you to Umeå Food Symposium. Click the link to see the video.


The Birch Paradise of the North

There are birches everywhere in Umeå. EVERYWHERE! Not only along the streets but also in art, salads and drinks. Originally they were planted to prevent fires but the city's love for the black and white tree trunks knows no end.