Tavelsjö ten peaks

Hike and climb the mountain peaks in Tavelsjö. Ten mountains are included in TioTopparTavelsjö: Blomåkersberget, Finkhörneberget, Hemberget, Högberget, Kludden, Krogberget, Selsknösen, Tavelsjöberget, Vallberget and Varmvattsberget.
Tavelsjöberget (282 m asl) is the highest peak and Krogberget (156 m asl) is the lowest. If you climb all included peaks you will have climbed a total of 1 000 m. Vintertoppar ("Winter peaks") is the challenge of climbing all the peaks during four winter months. Do not miss Sportlovstoppen and Påsklovstoppen, revealed the night before each holiday.

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