Gift cards valid for shopping in Umeå city centre may be purchased via vending machines, using your bank or credit card. You will find vending machines on the upper level of the Utopia shopping mall and in the MVG shopping mall, just outside Coop City. There is also a vending machine in Eljest, a gift shop located at Skolgatan.

Gift cards for shopping in Umeå City

How does it work?

The gift cards are valid for one year after the date of purchase and may be used at over 100 different shops, cafés, restaurants etc. The cards have the format of a regular bank card and work the same way. Please note that the gift cards are only valid in stores in Umeå city centre, not in other trading areas in Umeå. Here is a list of the stores!


For more information on how to check your balance and validity, see the instructions on the back of your gift card.


You can also check the balance via the links below:

If you have a gift card with a white back, check the balance here.
If you have a gift card with green back, check the balance here.