Gift cards valid for shopping in Umeå city centre may be purchased via vending machines, using your bank or credit card. You will find vending machines on the upper level of the Utopia shopping mall and in the MVG shopping mall, just outside Coop City.

Gift cards for shopping in Umeå City

How does it work?

The gift cards are valid for one year after the date of purchase and may be used at over 100 different shops, cafés, restaurants etc. The cards have the format of a regular bank card and work the same way. If a redeemer does not accept signature purchases, you can instead use the last four digits of the card number as a PIN code. If the card number is: 10010300-00004567, then the PIN code is 4567.Please note that the gift cards are only valid in stores in Umeå city centre, not in other trading areas in Umeå. Here is a list of the stores!


For more information on how to check your balance and validity, see the instructions on the back of your gift card. You can also check the balance here.


The card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Lost card will not be replaced. The card can be used in connected shops in Umeå center. Affiliated stores are presented at


Sales to companies and organizations

Managed by Visit Umeå AB. Ordering these is done at least 3 days before the desired delivery and the desired amount per gift card, SEK 100 - 5000 must be stated. Billing address incl. organization number, payment time is 30 days.The invoice must be paid within 14 days. Ordering via e-mail to [email protected] Ordered gift cards are picked up at Visit Umeå according to the agreed time.