Shopping in Umeå

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Everything is close

The range of shops in the city center is both varied and large. Here, fashion, beauty, interior design and design are mixed with second hand and locally produced crafts. Avion shopping and IKEA can be found just south of Umeå, so close that you can take a local bus there. 

Sisters in Law

With sustainability in focus
Sisters in Law

Shop sustainably

Shopping and sustainability, do they really go together? Absolutely, if you make the right choices. If you like exciting flavours and good food, we suggest Umeå residents' favourites DUÅ and Gårdshem.

The Röda korset City and Pryl 1900 are good alternatives for those looking for second hand and retro. Unique shops that sell locally produced and handicrafts are, for example, Hemslöjden and Handelsgården.