Umeå skyline


The meeting city of Umeå

City of culture. City of sports. University city and city of innovation. Umeå is growing more rapidly than any other region in northern Sweden, and has become a natural meeting place for curious and creative individuals from all around the world.

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Room for dining experiences

Welcome to northern Sweden's foremost food city. Here you are met by high-quality food and service that create strong food memories.

Quotes about the meeting city of Umeå


Mobility conference CIVITAS 2018

"Compact, easy and great example"

"Incredible. Very welcoming, very organized. Beautiful."

"Umea totally rocks"

"A quite city with excellent conference hub. Once you land in Umea it's all easy, transfers, hotels, it's all nearby, cycling, walking"

"Welcoming, friendly, professional"

"Great size for this kind of arrangements. Big enough to have something to show but yet small enough to easily get around"


Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden 2019

"My perception of Umeå is that they are at the forefront in many areas. They are growing as a municipality and have a good business climate and attract many business establishments"

"Super cozy business town by the water and thinks of them as Norrland's capital"


Welcome to Umeå!