The City of Culture. The Sports City. The University City and the City of Innovation. Umeå is growing faster than any other region in northern Sweden, and has become an obvious meeting place for curious and creative people from all over the world.

Room for world-class ideas

Umeå has a long history of exciting cultural life, was named European Capital of Culture in 2014 and today offers everything from classical opera to award-winning hip hop, Sweden's first museum of women's history, literature festival, film festival, jazz festival and one of the world's most acclaimed image museums. In addition, Umeå is a real sports city, which was named Sweden's Sports City in both 2018 and 2020 thanks to both its elite and broad-based sports.

There is also a will and desire to create that resonates in the big world in the form of innovations, design, research. With Norrland University Hospital, two universities and the world's best design college, Umeå continues to attract curious and creative people from all over the world. Of Umeå's 130,000 inhabitants are about. 35,000 students.



Room to keep growing

Curiosity and interest in technology in the city has resulted in a climate that has benefited both IT and manufacturing industries at advanced level for a long time and one result is that Umeå is the first 5G city in Sweden. Thanks to innovative and creative residents, several major players such as Volvo Trucks, Ålö AB, Komatsu Forest and SCA have also successfully established and grown strong here.

Researchers and students, creators and entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and innovators. In the meeting, something exciting always happens. It changes us, pushes us to grow. We turn and twist, question and celebrate. Umeå is a young and progressive city that always wants more.