With the sea to the east, lakes, rivers and streams, Umeå has a lot to offer for those who love to paddle or who have not yet discovered the fantastic feeling.

Paddla. Foto Philip Avesand

Tavelsjö. Photo Philip Avesand 

Paddle calmly downstream in your canoe or kayak, stop for swimming, a picnic or fishing. Try something out of the ordinary and you will have a wonderful experience. In the Umeå Region, there is a large variety of paddle waters, tranquil lakes, rivers and seas to explore. 



Gourmet paddling in Skeppsvik
Join a guided kayak trip in Skeppsvik's island archipelago. After the tour, a fantastic buffet awaits at Skeppsvik's manor. Book your trip with Umekajak

Midnight paddling in Holmsund
Paddle out into the magical northern summer night. Glide among cobs and cuts and enjoy the tranquility. Book your trip with Umekajak

Granö Beckasin. Paddla. Flottfärd.

Granö Beckasin. Photo Bea Holmberg


Midnight paddling in the Umeälven river
Book a guided tour in the summer night and you will experience some really nice places along the river. During the coffee break, you will hear stories about the river. Book your trip with Granö Beckasin

Timber rafting in the Umeälven river
Build your own timber raft and fide down the river. Experience nature up close and enjoy the tranquility. Book your trip with Granö Beckasin

Paddle in the Öreälven iver
High ravines and seep sandy banks rise up out of the water and form a powerful setting for your paddling. Rent a canoe from Öreälvens kanotcenter

Midnattspaddling. Granö Beckasin. Foto Bea Holmberg

Granö Beckasin. Photo Bea Holmberg 

Lakes and small rivers

During your paddle trip you can stop at one of the islands for a coffee break or a dip in the lake. Do not miss the beautiful canal where the trees hang down. Rent a canoe or kayak from Tavelsjö kanot & kajak

You paddle from Sävar to Skeppsvik. A nice day trip and suitable for families with children. Keep your eyes open and you may see beavers. Rent a canoe from Sävar kanot

Canoeing that varies between lakes and rivers. The lake system is nice and organized, which makes it easy to paddle. Book a guided tour or rent a canoe from Åmsele By Seasons

Scenic paddling in one of Umeå's nature reserves. The stretch is incredibly beautiful and you have the opportunity to see moose, deer or beavers. Rent a canoe from Umenatur

You can paddle on your own or book a guide. The lake is about three kilometers and is located in a nice outdoor area. Book with KFUM Nydala

Stand up paddling

Stand up paddling

You get to start by trying in calm water, practice balance and technique. Then you are ready for bigger challenges. Book at Aurora Borealis Adventure

Try SUP in the lower delta of the Umeälven River. Good for beginners, protected from wind and waves. Rent your board at Rinneln Båtkiosk 

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Umekajak - kayak
Åmsele by Seasons - canoe
Öreälvens kanotcenter - canoe
Tavelsjö kanot & kajak - canoe, kayak, paddle board
Umenatur - kanot
Sävar kanotuthyrning - canoe
TTGU - duble kayak
KFUM Nydala - canoe, conact by email

The Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access gives everyone the freedom to enjoy the Swedish countryside. However, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. More information