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Zip Adventure park

Umeå for kids

Attracting an adventure pool, playground or maybe a mini zoo? Here we have collected our best tips for the active family - activities all year round, both outdoors and indoors. Explore the exhibitions at Umeå's museums

Curiosum. Children


Explore science and technology with the whole family at Curiosum, Umeå University's science center which is open all year round. From June 24 to August 18, there is a variety of fun and educational activities for all ages! Conduct amazing experiments, explore exciting exhibitions, and challenge your creativity in a brand-new LEGO workshop. Don’t miss the chance to visit the dome theater for extraordinary film adventures! 

Västerbottens museum hamnstaden Umeå

Västerbottens museum

Family-friendly museum that depicts the county's cultural history in exhibitions, program activities, art, textiles and documentary photography. The museum has a studio for young and old, a well-stocked museum shop and a cosy café. 

Zip Adventure Park

Zip Adventure Park

Here you can experience a different, fast-paced and challenging day of adventure regardless of age. Move between the treetops, challenge yourself and enjoy both the excitement and the view. 



Various activities for family and friends, such as Laserdome, Prison Island and Phazerzone. There is also a billiards and games room. 



A fun place for the whole family, offers a wide range of activities for swimming, exercise and relaxation. The adventure area has water slides, a stream channel and a climbing wall. Navet is in the city centre of Umeå. 


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Coolcation in the Umeå region offers visitors the opportunity to experience a cooler climate. More and more people are looking for a break from the high summer temperatures and the average summer temperature up here is 21 degrees Celsius. A plus besides the cooler climate is also the longer summer days due to its high latitude than in more southern cities. Focusing on scenic experiences with hiking trails, unique cultural features and a whole range of activities such as canoeing and cycling. Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, sightseeing or simply want to enjoy nature, you'll find it in this beautiful part of Västerbotten.