Hiking with children is a great way to discover Sweden. Make it an adventure and hike the mythical forests of Umeå, listen to the wildlife and enjoy the fresh air. Here are our best suggestions on family friendly hiking trails in Umeå.

Hiking at island Stora Tuvan in Umeå


Discover the island Stora Tuvan

Follow the suspension bridge over the water out to the island Stora Tuvan, which is part of the Umeälven delta nature reserve. Continue on the nature trail through the enchanting and lush forest to a plateau with a rest area and a bird tower. For those who have energy for some more hiking and discovering, a hideout for bird watching awaits at the edge of the cape.

Don't miss: Listening and looking for the white-backed woodpecker that lives on the island.
Distance: 0.9 km from the start at the parking lot and out to the bird hide. The entire hiking trail around is about 2.5 km.
Difficulty: Easy. Suspension bridge and wooden ramp suitable for prams.
Learn more about the island Stora Tuvan here

Hiking on an adventure trail 

By the lake Nydalasjön there is a forest trail (Äventyrsstigen) with fun and somewhat tricky obstacles that you need to get through or past. Here, the whole family gets to test both their balance, flexibility and problem-solving ability.

Don't miss: The eight-meter-long crawling tunnel and the liana that you can swing between platforms with.
Distance: Approximately 0.8 km. The hiking trail Äventyrsstigen begins and ends in connection with the Kärleksviken bathing area by the Nydalasjön lake. If you want to walk further, the trail around the lake is about 10 km long.
Difficulty: Easy. If you don’t want to or can´t manage an obstacle, it can easily be passed.
Learn more about Äventyrsstigen here 

Hiking with children Villanäs Umeå


Winding ramp out to sea

The winding ramp out to the bird watching tower in Villanäs is easily accessible and runs through exciting spruce forests, lush leaf forests, bushlands and over shore meadows. From the tower you have a good view over shallow areas and islands in the Österfjärden bay.

Don't miss: To look for the stone figures that are hidden in the forest.
Distance: 0.9 km hiking trail from the start at the parking lot and out to the bird tower.
Difficulty: Very easy. Ramp fits both strollers and wheelchairs.
Learn more about the ramp at Villanäs here

Discover art on Klangvägen

A unique and exciting hiking trail lined with sound installations and artworks designed by artists from the Umeå region. Through active action from the walkers, different kinds of sounds can arise from the artworks.

Don't miss: The nice view from Rågberget.
Distance: Different loops with varying degrees of ascent; 1.2 km, 1.5 km or 2.6 km. There are two different starting points - one at the top of the mountain Rågberget/Agnäsbacken and one at the resting area down by the river Öreälven.
Difficulty: Easy to medium depending on choice of loop.
Learn more about Klangvägen here


Hiking with children in Vindeln


Forsarna runt - around the rapids

In the Vindelforsarna nature reserve, an easy-walking trail runs through different types of nature and past exciting cultural remains. The trail passes over several small bridges and a different suspension bridge.

Don't miss: To pop up a lunch bag at one of the picnic areas along the hiking trail.
Distance: 5 km 
Difficulty: Easy. The entire hiking trail is accessible with a stroller.
Learn more about Forsarna runt here