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Discover Umeå's mix of cozy cafés, old patisseries, vegan cafes and unique coffee places. Enjoy organic pastries at a farm shop, try a unique type of coffee at a trendy coffee bar or experience the traditional environment in Umeå's oldest patisserie. For the coffee-hungry, Umeå has something for everyone!

Kulturbageriet umeå kafé Freshly baked cardamom buns at Kulturbageriet

Kulturbageriet kafé i UmeåFreshly baked bread from Kulturbageriet

Good coffee 

Surely a coffee break never goes wrong? Settling down for a coffee has become a sacred activity for us Swedes. Our long tradition of a quiet coffee break has led to the country teeming with pleasant coffee places. Here we list three of Umeå's café gems and further down the page you will find the entire list of Umeå's cafés. Nice coffee break!

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Nya Konditoriet

Nya Konditoriet is one of Umeå's oldest cafés. A classic pastry shop with delicious pastries created by award-winning pastry chefs. On the second floor of the house on Kungsgatan you can settle down in a historic environment and enjoy world-class coffee.



Step into the small coffee bar on Kungsgatan and enjoy a good cup of coffee with nice aromas. Costas of Sweden is a combined coffee bar, roastery and concept store for coffee aficionados.




Craft bakery and café that is open from early morning until the evening hours. Enjoy freshly baked bread for breakfast, soup and light dishes for lunch, coffee and pastries for fika and round off the evening with pizza.


Prestele's garden café and accommodation

In the middle of Hörnsjö's rolling farmland, among meadows, forests and lakes, is Prestele's garden café !. Homemade organic pastries and carefully composed sandwiches with locally produced ingredients are served here. There is also an overnight apartment that can be rented and a farm shop with lots of nice products.

Summer Cafés

10 tips for summer-open cafés around Umeå to visit this summer!


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