norrsken möten

Room for activities

Combine meeting hours with some fun and different activity. See the northern lights dancing, challenge the river or why not glide over the snow expanses with man's best friend as a guide. We also offer museums and restaurants in abundance.

Here we give you tips on activities that give the meeting that little extra. 

Relaxed activities



Kassjöbacken is beautifully situated high up on the mountain with a fantastic view over the village of Kassjö and Kassjön. This is a ski resort that also offers bare ground activities. Activities are offered here, such as Mountaincart, a fun, exciting and safe activity, high-altitude track, large areas to be able to hold large events, smaller areas suitable for smaller gatherings. If the group wants to stop for food, there is the popular soapstone steak. The guests roast their meat on soapstones.

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Visit a winery

Book yourself into Brännland Iscider's tasting room in the middle of the winery in an industrial premises in Vännäs.
Here they receive groups of 16-50 people for an exclusive tasting, a look at the winery with a review of the production method and the story of Brännland Iscider from the beginning to the present day and what future visions there are. 
Guaranteed wow feeling! 

"Brännland Cider produces artisanal ice cider based entirely on 100% apple must without flavor or color additives. The production is in Västerbotten and our goal is to create an ice cider that makes an impression all over the world."

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guidade turer

Guided tours

In Umeå there is the possibility of guided tours - by bus, on foot, by bike or with Umeå ecoride.

There is a large selection of different ready-made tours that can be adapted according to wishes and themes - with some fun Umeå curiosities, of course.
Umeå Guideförening and Umeå Tours tailor tours for groups of different sizes. 

Umeå Tours and For Foodies takes you on a tasting journey to several of the city's renowned restaurants. A guided tour of Umeå and good food at the same time. 


Broarna runt

Around the bridges

Do like a true Umeå resident and walk or run "around the bridges" before or after the conference day.​
The newest of Umeå's bridges - Lundabron, which is also Sweden's longest suspension bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, was the crowning achievement for yet another popular walking tour. Lundabron connects the northern and southern parts of town with Bölesholmarna. With Vasaplan in the center of Umeå as a starting point, there are a number of different routes we can advise on:

Kyrkbron – Teg – Lundabron – Strandpromenaden: ca 6,5 km

Strandpromenaden – Lundabron – Teg – Cykelbron: ca 5,9 km

Strandpromenaden – Lundabron – Teg – Tegsbron: ca 5,9 km

Strandpromenaden – Kolbäcksbron – Ön – Kyrkbron: ca 8,7 km


hållbar shopping

Sustainable shopping

Pia Stylist | Stylistbutiken
Rent, buy, borrow, fix & sell. Sustainable and circular consumption. In the shop, you will find secondhand clothes that have been handed in by customers. These you can buy, rent for a month or borrow to try at home.

Röda Korset | city
At Röda Korset city you will find a handpicked assortment of second hand fashion and interior design that keeps up with the changes for both season and trends.

Bigaro är en unik butik i centrala Umeå med fokus på hållbart mode. Här hittar du något annat än vad de stora kedjorna erbjuder. Alla märken ska uppfylla kraven om hög kvalité, skön komfort och hållbara material

Meretes Ekobutik
Natural health & skin care, organic vegetables, teas, oils, supplements and much more.

Linné & Granqvist
Organically grown plants, cut flowers and beautiful accessories.

Blank The Hub
Has a department with vintage designer clothes in their fine shop.



Delicacies and Gifts

Gårdshem, Duå and Gotthards Salutorg are examples of stores that sell carefully selected products. Here you will find home-grown vegetables, freshly baked bread, local delicacies and local producers of e.g. cheese, meat, jams & marmalades as well as imported quality products. 

Frukthörnan, Umeå's oldest fruit and chocolate shop with an irresistible assortment of goodies.

Hemslöjen, the shop with gifts and utility items by selected artisans. Both established and slightly less known. Woodwork, Sami work, woven, knitted, twisted, silver and pewter. Yes, here it is. 

Handelsgården | Hantverk & Återbruk. Locally produced unique crafts, arts and crafts and delicacies, all gathered in a unique shop owned and operated by the artisans themselves. 



Art walk

Are you curious about art in Umeå? Art creates dynamism in the cityscape, adds unexpected elements to everyday life and challenges our senses! Take a walk along the art trail and discover some of the works of art in central Umeå. You can choose to discover 18 or 8 works of art.

The artwork Listen, also called the #metoo-cougar, is located on Rådhustorget in central Umeå. It is a representation that marks the municipality's stance against sexual harassment, dedicated to those who together broke the silence in connection with the metoo movement. - by Camilla Akraka

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Chocolate tasting

Jenny Berg "ChokladJenny" at Nordic Chocolate talks about her path as a cocoa developer in South America, sustainable chocolate producer in Västerbotten and female entrepreneur with the whole world as her field of work. From a basement in Umeå, chocolate is made that has been named Scandinavia's best chocolate and reached as far as the EU headquarters and Hillary Clinton. The lecture offers a lot of laughter interspersed with chocolate knowledge, where we simultaneously enjoy quality chocolate from Norrland's first chocolate factory.
Testing can be offered both digitally and on site together.

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Invite a local lecturer

Invite someone from the city who talks about development, progress, sustainability projects or any other exciting topic. Here are a few examples:

An equality journey - Gendered landscape 

Active society/Change the game 

Umeå Institute of Design - One of the world's best Industrial Design Schools

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Vindelälven/Juhttátahkka 

Design-driven social change - The Pink/RISE 

Adventurous activities



Rafting - an intense and fun experience in the foaming rapids of one of Europe's last untouched rivers, Vindelälven. Participants are equipped with a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and paddle and after a thorough safety briefing, the wild rapids await. There is everything from family tours to tough rafting. Groups can come here to have fun together, find new energy, combine a conference with an activity and develop together around communication and relationships.


Wilderness Adventure Vindeln



Dog sledding

Experience the charm of gliding behind a dog team through Västerbotten in winter, through forests, over marshes and ice- and snow-covered lakes. Every dog ​​sled tour is an experience that cannot be described but must be experienced on the spot. The tours follow groomed trails through a snowy landscape and are adapted to the size of the group.

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Northern lights activities

To see an exuberant and dancing aurora curling far above a star-studded sky can be one of the most fascinating things one can experience. In Umeå, you don't have to travel far to experience the heavenly phenomenon that the whole world loves. In and around the city there are both northern lights activities as well as tips on places to visit for your best chance of seeing the northern lights.

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Visit a museum

In Umeå's vicinity there are many museums with exciting exhibitions. Here we have listed a selection for you to discover.

möten - museum

Restaurants for groups

Umeå's range of restaurants is large and can tickle most taste buds.

möten - restauranger

Technical visits

North Sweden Cleantech arranges so-called "technical and business visits".

möten - technical visits