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Outdoor activities in Umeå


Need tips on fun things to do outdoors? To activate the family, enjoy the fresh air and clear your mind? Below we have collected some tips in the destination during the autumn and winter. 

Skulpturparken. Foto Philip Avesand

Umedalens Skulpturpark is one of Northern Europe's foremost sculpture collections

Listen. Foto Philip Avesand

Walk the Art route in Umeå city centre. Listen! at Rådhustorget


Experience the thrill of gliding behind a dogsled through Lapland and Västerbotten in winter. Each dog sled tour is an experience that can not be described but must be experienced on site. During the autumn, dog sledding is offered on wheels. If you haven´t tried then you have somethint to look forward to.

Hundspann. Aurora Borealis Adventures

Aurora Borealis Adventures

Join us on an unforgettable journey through magnificent nature, miles of marshes, lakes, forests before it's time to stop for coffee or food. Choose the tour that suits you. Aurora Borealis Adventures works according to Nature's Best Criteria. 


Granö Beckasin Hundspann

Granö Beckasin/Spruce Island Husky

Experience the trill of sliding forward behind a dog sled. Granö Beckasin in collaboration with Spruce Island Husky offers a number of different dog sledding trips. You can choose to drive yourself or ride together in a large sled where a guide drives.

Hundspann. Pixabay

River Lake Huskies

Enjoy sparkling snow and crackling northern lights. Get close to nature and book a dog sledding trip, evening trips on weekdays and daytime on weekends. Huskywalk during the snow-free season. 


Hedlunda Husky

Hedlunda Husky

Choose between two different rides, go with or learn to ride dog sleds. The guides show the way in the beautiful Rickleå river valley. The tours can be combined with food or coffee. 

More tips on activities 


  • Nature reserves - Pack your own lunch bag and make a day trip to one of the region's nature reserves or popular hiking trails. Enjoy beautiful, untouched and varied nature. Suitable for visiting during the winter.

  • Walking trails in Umeå - Umeå is a city that offers several scenic places and excursion areas. And a great way to experience them is through a walk! 

  • Winter in Tavelsjö - Here you can, among other things, cross-country ski and climb any of the mountain peaks.

  • Hiking trails Whether you are looking for challenging, easy-going, exciting, family-friendly or close to the city hikes you will find it in our region.

  • Granö Beckasin, Älgens Hus och Forsknäckarna offers a winter adventure on a snowmobile, suitable for both the group of friends and the family.

  • Backfors gård and Grönåkers farm offers riding tours for beginners and for those who have ridden before. A wonderful nature experience on the horse saddle.

  • Hot-air balloon - Fly in Umeå and surroundings and enjoy the cruise through the landscape. Each flight is unique and it is an all year activity.