It may not be the right time to go to a museum, to concerts, dance performances and other events. However, you can experience some of Umeå's cultural offerings right where you are – all you need is an internet connection!

Upplev Umeå online

Norrlandsoperan offers NO play
Experience opera, music, dance and art right on your screen, wherever you are. NO play shows both short clips and longer films - completely without logins and fees. Learn more here

Music and conversation at c/o Väven Live
Enjoy a series of live-streamed events directly from the scene at Väven cultural centre. All participants are organizers and cultural creators from Umeå. Learn more here

Digital guidings at Bildmuseet
Workshops and lunch screenings reappear in a digital form on Facebook: art educators, museum hosts and museum officials present their favourite works in the exhibitions. Learn more here

Konsert rockband i Umeå

Art- and storytelling workshops at Västerbottens Museum
Digital art- and storytelling workshops are planned where you are welcome to participate actively through the digital platform Zoom. Learn more here