Much in Umeå is within walking distance. If you come by car, bus, train or flight, you will find answers to some of the most common questions regarding travel and parking.

general questions

Where can I find information about local buses?

Umeå lokaltrafik – Timetables, maps and fares for local public transport services in the Umeå region.


What sights in Umeå are possible to reach by local buses? 

Examples of places: Västerbottens Museum, Skulpturparken. Map to bus connections. 


Is it possible to go by bus to IKEA/Avion Shopping?

Yes, take bus no 2 to Söderslätts handelsområde.


Is there a shuttle or bus to and from the airport, how often does it go and how much is the fare?

Flygbuss (airport bus) – The airport bus provides connections for a majority of the departures to, and arrivals from, Arlanda and Bromma.


Where can I park in Umeå?

Follow the link below to a map where you can see the parking zones and car parks in central Umeå. Link to map.

Aimo Park in Umeå


Where can I park a bus?

Bus parking at the following locations:

In Umeå, there are evenly scattered parking spaces on street and empty land for buses. At the following addresses there is the possibility of bus parking:

Sveagatan 21
Space for three buses, maximum four hours. Parking ban 21-06

Dunkersgatan 5
Space for one bus for a maximum of four hours. Parking ban 19-09.

Magasinsgatan 7
Parking maximum two hours. Parking ban 19-09

Kungsgatan 75, Mimer

Current parking information is available at the website of UPAB


Where can I park the motorhome?


Järnvägsallén 15
There are two pitches that are open all year round. Here you can stay overnight with your motorhome and caravan close to Umeå City Center.

Västra Kyrkogatan 25
Open 1 May – 31 October. Here you can stay overnight with your motorhome and caravan, centrally located in Umeå.

open 1 May - 31 October. Norrbyn is located 39 km south of Umeå and from Norrbyn you take the ferry to Norrbyskär. during the summer. At the ferry camp there are four (4) motorhome and caravan pitches. The pitches lack electricity and latrine emptying. The fee is SEK 100 / day and is paid in Parkster and Easypark. If you do not have a smartphone, you can pay the fee via SM or speech response.

Read more

First Camp Umeå
Only 10 minutes by car, north from Umeå center. Also possibility to empty the latrine.  Read more

Only about 30 minutes by car, by the sea, northeast of Umeå. Place for motorhome or caravan.

Hotel Entré Norr in Anumark
Anumark is located about 9 km north of Umeå. There are 20 caravan pithces with electricity, 290 SEK/day. Read more


Ratan (Quickstop), Robertsfors. Read more         
Lufta Camping, Robertsfors. Read more
Storsands camping, Ratan. Read more
Sikeå havscamping, Sikeå. Read more

Gräsmyrs bygdegård. Read more                   
Rundviks båtklubb.


Where can I rent a motorhome or a caravan?

You can rent from a private person near you and if you have your own vehicle, you can choose to rent it out. Read more

Where can I charge my electric car?

In Västerbotten there are several places where you can easily charge your electric car. More information. 


Is there a guest jetty/harbour in the city centre?

Umeå guest jetty is situated in the centre of Umeå, there is also nearby guest harbours. Read more


Latrine drainage - Is there an opportunity for latrine drainage in Umeå?

Latrine -  closest to the city centre is First Camp Umeå, about 6 km north of the city centre.
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