Much in Umeå is within walking distance. If you come by car, bus, train or flight, you will find answers to some of the most common questions regarding travel and parking.

Where can I find information about local buses?

Umeå lokaltrafik – Timetables, maps and fares for local public transport services in the Umeå region.

What sights in Umeå are possible to reach by local buses? 

Examples of places: Västerbottens Museum, Skulpturparken. Map to bus connections. 

Is it possible to go by bus to IKEA/Avion Shopping?

Yes, take bus no 2 to Söderslätts handelsområde.

Is there a shuttle or bus to and from the airport, how often does it go and how much is the fare?

Flygbuss (airport bus) – The airport bus provides connections for a majority of the departures to, and arrivals from, Arlanda and Bromma.


Where can I park in Umeå?

Follow the link below to a map where you can see the parking zones and car parks in central Umeå. Link to map.

Aimo Park in Umeå

Where can I park the motorhome?

There are parking and campgrounds. More information

Is there a guest jetty/harbour in the city centre?

Umeå guest jetty is situated in the centre of Umeå, there is also nearby guest harbours. More information 

Latrine drainage - Is there an opportunity for latrine drainage in Umeå?

Latrine -  closest to the city centre is First Camp Umeå, about 6 km north of the city centre.
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