Are you the one who embraces the culinary treasures of the city? Do you enjoy waking up in a comfortable hotel bed, indulging in a leisurely brunch, and visiting a salon? Or are you looking for your next handicraft project?

Find out what type of gift card person you are!


Photo: Bea Holmberg | Bodegan

The gourmet

Embraces the culinary treasures of the city with passion. This connoisseur seeks gastronomic adventures where each bite becomes a journey of flavors.
Spends their gift card on: DUÅ, Gårdshem, Harlequin, Gotthards, Köksbaren, Tonka Strandgatan and Hunger och Törst.


Photo: Hotel Elite Mimer

The Pleasure-Seeking

Prefers waking up in a comfortable hotel bed, indulging in leisurely brunches, and visiting a salon. Also never says no to good food and ensures to fully enjoy the offerings of Umeå. 
Spends their gift card on: Elite Hotel Mimer, Salong Vi, Guilty Pleasure, Frukt Hörnan, Rituals, Bigaro, Bodegan and Facit Bar.


Photo: Kvarteret Utopia

The doer

A practician who ensures that things get done! With the gift card in hand, this person makes sure to purchase various DIY kits, does a big grocery haul for the week's dinners, and takes the opportunity to visit the optician while in the city center! 
Spends their gift card on: Clas Ohlson (MVG), Direkt Optik, Coop City, Apoteket, Kjell & Company and Espresso House.



Photo: Broparken | Visit Umeå

The Sporty one

The fastest shopper in town who powerwalks determinedly between the stores, does a few dips at the nearest park bench, and skips the escalator!
Spends their gift card on:  Umeå Sport och Motion (Utopia), Hälsokraft, Naked Juicebar (Utopia), Hälsobaren, Gå och Löpkliniken, The Body Shop (Utopia) and Umeå Ekobutik.


Photo: Robert Wiberg | Nya Konditoriet

The coziness lover

Has a favorite spot at Nya Konditoriet and is looking for the next handicraft project. Enjoys serene environments that encourage daydreaming and the planning of the next creative project.
Spends their gift card on: Akademibokhandeln, Hemslöjden, Meretes Ekobutik, Nya konditoriet, Perssons Garn, Sandbergs Pappershandel and Tehörnan.



Photo: Kulturbageriet

The famliy

When functional clothing, playful activities, and maintaining stable blood sugar levels are the focus, the family embarks on an exploration through the city center jungle. An adventure for the whole family!
Spends their gift card on: Kulturbageriet, Polarn o Pyret, Sagolika Ting, Lekia, Pinchos and Megazone.

No matter what you want to spend your gift card on, there's something for everyone in the city center of Umeå!

Here's the list of all the stores where you can use your Umeå Centrum Gift Card!