Discover exciting and dramatic landscapes shaped by the inland ice! The trail Isälvsleden, best known as a hiking trail, has in recent years been adapted for cycling. In two places, the trail now divides into a bicycle section and a hiking trail.

Cykling Isälvsleden Fotograf Andreas Nilsson
Isälvsleden. Photo: Andreas Nilsson


Degree of difficulty and type of trail

The nature along the trail is mostly sandy pine forest, which provides nice easy-to-follow trails.

The trail as a whole is ranked green and blue (on the scale green, blue, red, black) but sometimes short steep slopes appear at ridges and riverbanks. Some of the slopes are so sandy and loose that even really good cyclists have to jump off and lead the bike. 


Routes along the trail

Riding the entire trail - 58 km - between Åmsele and Vindeln takes about 4-5 hours, depending on how many stops you make along the way. You can also ride parts of the trail:

18 km 1.5 hour
23 km 2 hours
40 km 3 hours


Trail signs

The trail is marked with signs and orange paint on trees and poles.


Cykling Isälvsleden Fotograf Andreas Nilsson
Isälvsleden. Photo: Andreas Nilsson



Friluftscentrum in Vindeln
Hällnäs, by the railway station
The entrence of the Valfrid Paulsson nature reserve
Åmsele Camping


How to get there

By train to Vindeln or Hällnäs with Norrtåg
By car



Vindeln: The shop Kaffe Skog & Rök has outdoor equipment and offers bicycle rental.
There are also Coop and ICA (supermarkets) as well as hotels and hostel.

Hällnäs: Servicepunkten offers food, hot dogs, ice cream and coffee.
Kärleksuddens Camping is beautifully situated by the Vindelälven river and has cabins and a swimming area.

Åmsele: Handlar’n in Åmsele sells food and ice cream.
Åmsele Camping has cabins and its own swimming area. Canoe rentals are also available here.


Bicycle rental

Friluftsbutiken Kaffe Skog & Rök



Isälvsleden on Google maps can be found here