Camilla Akraka's artwork Listen has taken its place on the Town Hall Square in Umeå to mark the municipality's position against sexual harassment.

The artwork "Listen" was created by artist Camilla Akraka and is 4.3 meters high, located on Rådhustorget ("the Town Hall Square") in Umeå. A red-colored cougar with powerful muscles and a golden mouth.

In many ways the Rådhustorget town square is the heart of Umeå. In recent years it has been rebuilt to create a beautiful and representative environment in the city centre. A place that is folksy, yet functionary. The town square is an attractive meeting place all year round, where the locals can meet, talk and socialize. The Metoo monument has been given a central location in the city and the proposal for the location was developed in collaboration with artist Camilla Akraka.

The monument marks the municipality's position on sexual harassment - a manifestation dedicated to those who together broke the silence - "metoo".

The inauguration of the artwork took place on Saturday, November 2, 2019.