Open-air dining in Umeå

Eat by the Ume River

In Umeå you have the opportunity to enjoy good food with a wonderful view of the Ume River. The promenade stretches along the river and is a nice walking path during the summer. At the culture house Väven you will find Gotthards by the river and Sjöbris, then continue east towards the Art Campus you will find Hunger & Törst, Båten and Tonka Strandgatan. More restaurants with an opportunity to sit outside are located around the center.



At this year-round restaurant in the Ume River, there is everything you can think of, whether you are eager to have a drink on their outdoor terrace, eat something good indoors in the restaurant or test your dance moves at the club. In the dining area, there is a wide range of wood-baked pizzas, char-grilled dishes and seafood.


Gotthards vid älven (by the river)

Let the sun shine on you at open-air dining spot right on the edge of the Ume River and the Strandpromenaden. Small-scale menu with both international and northern dishes awaits you here.


Tonka Strandgatan

Close to culture and design is Tonka Strandgatan's outdoor restaurant right by the Ume River. If you take something to eat, you can expect most of the raw materials to come from northern forests and farms.

hunger & törst

Hunger & Törst

In an open courtyard near the Ume River and the Strandpromenaden you will find Hunger & Törst, a restaurant for those who like to try new dishes. Every week the 7 course menu is changed and you can choose between 7, 5 and 3 dishes.

More restaurants with an opportunity to sit outside are located around the center

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