Rally in Umeå city center

Umeå city center becomes the rally city center. The city is filled with activities during Rally Sweden for young and old rally fans. Come by!

Rally Fotovägg Marc Strömberg

Take part in the rally party in the city centre

Rally Sweden is run in woods and dirt all around the Umeå region, but Umeå Centrum will also be pulsing with true rally spirit! Here you can meet other rally fans and see many of the stages of the WC rally on the big screen. Settle down in one of the huts, buy some good coffee from Eljest cafe or stroll around among handicrafts and souvenirs from Risfjell's Sami crafts and Fjällvilt - all gathered at Rådhustorget.

For the very little ones, there is the opportunity to play in the popular snow castle, cuddle with the reindeer in the square or head to the MVG mall for rally arts and crafts.


The area is open:

 Thursday: 12.00 - 17.00

Friday: 11.00 - 17.00

Saturday: 11.00 - 17.00

Sunday: 11.00 - 17.00




Rally offers at Umeå's restaurants

Several of Umeå's restaurants have prepared delicious offers specifically in honor of the rally.


At Ume River, Sjöbris is open the entire rally week. With Sjöbris rally offer, you get a three-course meal for a mere SEK 695/with matching wine package SEK 995. Bar and club is open until late Thu-Sun, with accompanying DJ and live band Thu-Sat.

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Facit Bar

Facit bar takes you on a hell of a ride during the rally days with its awesome 3-course offer for only SEK 595. Also open on Sunday, book at facitbar.se and stop by!

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À la carte with a rally offer is open Tues-Sun during the rally week, where you can be served Moose burger, Eld cheeseburger or Harriet's prime rib sandwich with 1 glass of beer/wine for only SEK 265.

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Rally Sweden Kick Off

On Saturday feb 4, the rally festivities kicks off on Rådhustorget.


Restaurants in Umeå

The food city Umeå has a whole bunch of fantastic restaurants to choose from. Discover our large selection here.