SM-festen and exercise go hand in hand! During all days, the Skeppsbron will be filled with activities for both young and old.

From Tuesday to Saturday, the SM party offers lots of pulse-raising activities. Through RF Sisu, there is a whole bunch of sports associations in place to let everyone who wants to try their sport. It will be everything from casting (like fishing on land) to radio-controlled cars. You will also find associations that deal with, for example, walking football, boule, historical fencing and MTB.




At 12.00 every day, the day begins with a training session led by an instructor on the main stage. If you would rather slow down the pace and take a break from the high pulse, Megayoga is arranged at the Clarion hotel Umeå on Thursday 29 June. Participation is also completely free, but if you want, there is an opportunity to tip a penny to Umeå Stadsmission. 


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