Where do you go to take amazing pictures right now? To capture the changing colours of nature in spectacular and beautiful settings? Here we have listed five of our best tips on places that are extra beautiful during autumn.

DrakryggenDrakryggen. Photo: Kristoffer Pettersson


Drakryggen (”the Dragon’s Back”) is the most powerful of the riverbanks along the Lögdeälvsleden trali, and it offers colorful views right now. Below the ridge and along the Lögdeälven river, nature is reflected in the water and provides good opportunities for fantastic photo stops.
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IsälvsledenIsälvsleden Photo: Kristoffer Pettersson


Along the Isälvsleden trail there are many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. If you make a detour or two, you can find mighty dunes, active mud volcanoes and, as in the picture, the green pond, a true photo gem.
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TallbergsbroarnaTallbergsbroarna. Photo: Kristoffer Pettersson


There is something special about bridges like the Tallberg bridges. The three railway bridges from three different railway eras are built more than 40 meters above the surface of the Öreälven river. Together with the colours of autumn, this is a spot that just must be photographed!
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BalbergetBalberget Bjurholm. Photo: Kristoffer Pettersson


Mountain Balberget's mighty southern slope can be seen from a far, and from the top a wonderful view of the Västerbotten forest landscape awaits. Right now in its finest autumn attire.
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NotvarpsbronNotvarpsbron. Photo: Kristoffer Pettersson


Experience the Umeälven river in its beautiful autumn colours! The bridge Notvarpsbron, which runs between Arboretum Norr in Baggböle and Umeå Energicentrum, is both a photographic motif by itself and offers nice views upstream and downstream the river. Explore the area and enjoy the fresh autumn air.
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