Cycling in Umeå with the family, a group of friends or on your own. With Umeå as a starting point, there are many pleasant cycle trails and roads to explore. Here we list some of our favorites.

Selected bicycle routes in the Umeå region

Tips on what to see and do on each route as well as more information can be found further down.



6 refreshing bicycle routes


The Stöcksjö swing. 35 km, gravel road with footpaths 
Shopping or cycling? If you and your party disagree, this route may be the solution - shorten it and start from the parking lot at Ikea and everyone will get their favorite pastime. An easily ramped tour through flat farming landscapes and the nature reserve Ängsbacka. If you fancy a dip, you can take a detour to the swimming area at the northern end of Stöcksjön - or the naturist swimming area Dragonudden in the middle of the lake's eastern shore.

Smultronstället. 35 km, asphalt/gravel 
Perfect little round for a cozy garden cafe - Smultronstället by Holmsjön. Here you get to bike along the water and a small detour to Ön, where you can stop for a bonus coffee at Eljest.

With the wind in your back. 40 km, asphalt 
Light cycling and flat, with a view of the Umeälven Delta as you roll over the bridge from Holmsund to Obbola. Take a break at Smultronstället's garden café or the Skärgårdskaféet in Holmsund. With good timing, you set out just when the offshore wind turns into a sea breeze, so that you have a tailwind the entire lap. You can also wedge yourself up in the observation tower at the Bergö Bridge to enjoy the view of Västerfjärden - especially beautiful at sunset.


The Classic. 35 km, asphalt. 
With Umeå's most classic route as a base, you can make many nice detours. Have a coffee or lunch at Brännlands Wärdshus or Umeå Energicentrum in Klabböle. Turn into Baggböle manor and take a look at Baggböleforsen and the artwork Buddhan. Roll down to the power plant dam and salmon ladder in Stornorrfors, when the water flow is high the rapids are a powerful experience. Glide in to Umedalen for an art experience at Skulpturparken (sculpture park) and then take a lunch break at Bistro le Garage.


A day by the sea. 42 km, asphalt. 
Take the bike to one of the coast's sea baths! This route is the basis for a day at the seaside. If you're not in the mood for a swim, you can instead stop for lunch or coffee at Bettnessand's ocean bath, Norrmjöle ocean bath or Norrmjöle Golf restaurant.


Top route to Tavelsjö. 65 km, asphalt. 
The Tavelsjö area offers beautiful views, easy top hiking adventures and nice coffee stops by the lake, which is said to hide a sea monster. On the way home, you pass Brännland, where you can fill up the energy depots at the inn or take a trip down the Umeälven valley to look at mighty giant cauldrons.


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