Find your Christmas spirit by with good food in a lovely environment. We have listed different types of Christmas smorgasbords – however served in different ways. Find the option that suits you best!

The information on this page is no longer current!

This year we serve a classic Christmas buffet both for lunch and evening. Local ingredients and own specialties all signed Per Boman. Christmas lunch is served Wednesday to Fridays .Christmas dinner is served Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Date: 2 - 22 December
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The Social Christmas lunch is a nice alternative to the traditional Christmas table. Served as four dishes at the table. The kitchen has chosen the best from traditional Christmas food.
Date: Monday to Friday, 6-23 December.
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Rex Officersmessen
In traditional premises at Umestan, a traditional Christmas table is served with local ingredients. Can be booked as lunch or dinner.
Date: 25 November - 19 December.
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Sävargården jul

Photo: Sävargården

Harlequin 1800Hunger & Törst

Hunger & Törst
Offers a fantastic seven-course Christmas menu with traditional Christmas flavors and ingredients, but in a modern and creative way. Enjoy a perfectly balanced Christmas dinner beyond the ordinary.
Date: 26 November - 23 December. 
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Serves a fantastic three-course Christmas lunch with all the best from the Christmas table, but with a little more finesse and creative ambitions.
Date: 28 November - 23 December. 
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Facit Galej
The banquet hall Facit Galej changes into winter dress for a magical Christmas celebration. A five-course Christmas menu is served tailor-made for companies and individuals, it is also served in the dining room for smaller groups.
Date: 25 November - 23 December. 
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Bistro Le Garage
This year, Christmas lunches are served in three different batches with many taste sensations in each. Date: 30 November - 22 December, every day. 
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Elite Hotel Mimer
Welcome to a traditional Christmas table with a modern twist served in Elite Hotel Mimer's lovely restaurant ninety-seven.
Date. 30 November - 23 December.
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Hotell Vännäs
Enjoy a Christmas smorgasbord  whith classic flavors with a modern cut, with a dripping dessert table. Served for lunch & dinner.
Date: 26 November - 22 December.
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Julbord Bistro Le GaragePhoto: Bistro Le Garage

Presteles TrädgårdskafePresteles Trädgårskafé

Presteles Trädgårdskafé 
A green Christmas buffet is served, vegetarian and vegan. With food made with very local and home-grown ingredients. You are welcomed with mulled wine and homemade saffron and gingerbread cookies. Saturdays and Sundays in December.
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Skeppsviks Herrgård
Make a trip to Skeppsvik. Enjoy the manor's classic Christmas smorgasbord. You are greeted by the scents of food and a cup of hot mulled wine. 
Date: 27 November - 24 December. 
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Brännlands wärdshus
Experience a fantastic Christmas buffet with homemade ingredients.
Date: 25 November -  22 December.
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Tavelsjö Wärdshus
Christmas is special and you can take part in what it means at Tavelsjö Wärdshus.They offer both Christmas plates and a Christmas buffet. Date: Christmas plate 28 november-16 December and the buffe Saturday and Sundays in December.
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Granö Beckasin
Enjoy a Christmas-inspired 5 course dinner including overnight stay and Christmas gift. Vegetarian options are of course available About an hour's journey from Umeå.
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Hotell Entré Norr
A classic Christmas buffet prepared from scratch with fantastic vegetarian options. Thursday through Sunday, both lunch and dinner.
Date: 25 November - 18 December.
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Gran. Jul


Make an excursion to Rovögern's fishing village to enjoy a different Christmas buffet with an exotic touch. Date: 25 November - 24 December, Friday to Sunday.
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Smokey Christmas - a northern BBQ Christmas table consisting of two shared dishes and a dessert table. Date: 30 November -16 December. Wednesday to Friday.
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Scandic Umeå Plaza
A classic Christmas buffet and Christmas show. Entertainment by Gareth Nugent who has participated in "Elvis the Musical" in London and country star Ellinor Springstrike from Umeå together with a live band. Date: 2-3 December, 8-10 December. 
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Åbrånets Limousin
Experience a unique and peaceful Christmas buffet, where the local environment is the main source of inspiration for the Christmas table's flavors and decorations. Date: 26 November - 18 December, Saturday and Saunday.  
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Västerbotten in five servings, a Christmas-inspired Västerbotten Experience X-mas edition. date: 23 November -17 December, Wednesday - Sunday.
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Åbrånets Limousin julÅbrånets Limousin

Jul. shopping

Kafé Lotsen
Enjoy a Christmas buffet in a beautiful environment by the sea. The café is located at the far end of Storklubben in Järnäs. Date: Weekends during  27 November - 18 December 
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Fem Hus
Treat your colleagues, family and friends to a fantastic homemade Christmas buffet. Dates: 21 November -21 December, lunch Monday-Friday and evening Thursday-Saturday. Daytime drop-in.
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