There are few things that make you as happy as self-picking strawberries or being able to buy that locally produced jam you longed for. In the Umeå region, you will find several farm shops and delicatessens that offer everything from cheese, meat, fish, ice cream and other locally produced goods

Gamla Salteriet i Obbola



Among red fishing huts in Obbola, wild-caught fish is sold directly by Salteriet's fishermen. During the summer, cold fish meals and sandwiches are served to take away or to enjoy on the pier. A perfect summer excursion if you ask us. Read more here about Gamla Salteriet here

Åbrånets Limousin

A farm shop and a café located in a beautiful rural setting by Hörneån river, about 40 km from Umeå. In addition to a successful farm, it offers a shop that sells the farm’s own delicious Limousin beef and sausages. Read more about Åbrånets Limousin here

Hälje Gård

In the farm shop just outside Umeå you can buy meat and skins from the farm’s own sheep. There are also products from other local manufacturers and a wide range of activities. Read more about Hälje Gård here



A farm with cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats. On site you will also find a farm shop where you, among other things can buy meat boxes, crafts and sheepskin. Read more about Bingebogården here


Leva Gårdsbutik i Spöland


Leva Gårdsbutik

In Östra Spöland you can buy organic grass-fed meat from their own farm, meat and cheese from other farms in the area, as well as children’s clothes and caps from their own studio. There is also a café at the farm. Read more about Leva Gårdsbutik here


Familjen Hansen Charkuteri

This family butcher’s shop in Stöcksjö uses the finest local ingredients to produce sausages and other meat products with a taste of Västerbotten. Read more here about Familjen Hansen Charkuteri here


Norum Fiskrökeri

This fish smokehouse produces quality products with great attention to detail. They have everything from delicious seafood to the accessories that turn the simplest meal into a feast. Read more about Norums Fiskrökeri here


Vindelnrökt Gårdsbutik 

Since 1917, the smokehouse in Vindeln has smoked meat in various forms. Here you'll find high-quality products from Norrland and the famous Vindelnrökt skinka Read more here about Vindelns Rökeri here


Tips from Visit Umeå!

Do you like Västerbottensost – or Västerbotten cheese – as much as we do? If so, don’t miss Ostens Lager in Ånäset, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience Västerbotten cheese with all your senses. Read more here.