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Popular hiking trail with ice age creations and Stone Age settlements. The trail is about 60 kilometers long and stretches through a fantastic landscape. You get to experience active mud volcanoes, pebble ridges and dead ice graves. An adventure for the whole family.

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Photo: STP Media 

Whether you walk or cycle, you can take the trail in stages. The trail goes to some extent up on a mighty ridge, but easy to walk despite that. The trail has also been adapted for cycling and it takes 4-5 hours to cycle 60 km. There are several windbreaks and an overnight cabin, the cabin is not bookable. Bring a tent or hammock if you want to sleep out in nature, but do not forget to bring a mosquito net!

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The impact of the ice sheet

The progress of the ice sheet has transformed nature, which is the biggest fascination with the Isälvsleden. It is possible to make a one kilometer detour from the trail to Lerfallet, where the water has formed a miniature landscape of active mud volcanoes. They can be between a half meter and a meter in diameter and are especially active when it rains.

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Photo: STP Media

Windbreaks and overnight cabin

The trail also has a water passage where the visitor must row over. There are two rowing boats with bicycle racks, so there should always be one boat on both sides.  If you want to fish, you can buy your fishing license online and maybe catch a fish for dinner. There is a fireplace with firewood at each windbreak and the overnight cabin has a barbecue area. Inside the cabin there is a wood stove. 


Isälvsleden. Båt. Foto Philip Avesand

Photo: Visit Umeå

Facts about the trail

  • About 60 km long between Vindeln and Åmsele

  • Several windbreaks and one overnight cabin (not bookable).

  • Adapted for hiking and mountain biking.

  • Divided into six stages.

  • Stage three between Hällnäs and Hjuksån is suitable for families with children, that stretch is 3 km long.

  • Stage four between Hjuksån and the Valfrid Paulsson reserve is 16 km long.

  • Stage four takes you to the cabin in Missutjärn, where you row across Djupsundet.

  • Stage four gives you the opportunity to make a detour to Lerfallet.

  • Map

Do not miss

The Valfrid Paulsson reserve, the view from the mighty Sundskammen which is surrounded by water on both sides and the rowing trip across Djupsundet.