Umeå is a young, progressive and creative city that loves sports. That is why we're so proud to invite you to one of the world's biggest and most action-packed sporting events in the world. Let the race begin...



Umeå – in pole position for gender equality

Here in Umeå, we have a long history of working for gender equality, and it has had an effect. But equality is an active choice, something that requires action. Together we continue to work for a community free from stereotypes, sexism and homophobia. A place where everybody has the same opportunity to shape society and impact their own lives.


We're not horsing around

Whatever horsepower you’re into, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Umeå. We’re sprinting forward for all sports. This was the third time in four years Umeå was named “Best Sports-City in Sweden”, and what club or team-colors you brandish doesn’t matter to us. We believe in giving everybody a space to grow – free rains to find your thing.

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Umeå– on a creative roll since 1955

Did you know that the roll bar that revolutionized safety in motorsport was invented in Umeå as early as 1955? The power of innovation lives on today – not least in the green industries. Umeå residents' innovations and commitment create jobs and growth and help us to move towards a more sustainable society.


Charts, courses or Kafka

Umeå loves all kinds of readers. In Umeå there is a rich and colorful cultural life. A famous do-it-yourself spirit. Northern Sweden's leading university. And we are Sweden's best sports city. All this contributes to building Umeå as a vibrant, progressive city where people thrive. Rally Sweden, Norrlandsoperan and campus are parts of the same whole. Whatever your thing, you are welcome – and you matter.



Pedal to the metal towards a climate-neutral city

In Umeå, we love when things go fast. Like battling climate change, for example. As early as 2030, central Umeå will be climate-neutral. It won’t be easy – but we’ve got what it takes to make it. Together we can make climate-neutral cities the new normal.


In Umeå, the curves are going in the right direction

Did you know that Umeå is one of the safest places in the world? Statistics also show that crime is declining. But we are not content. We will ensure that development continues to go in the right direction and that Umeå grows – safely, sustainably and securely.