Smash and Grab Burgers have gained a following for its delicious street food. Now, the guys behind the foodtruck have branched out and opened up a neighborhood-restaurant with burgers, pizza, pasta and a nice selection of wine.

This group of friends have had the foodtruck Smash and Grab Burgers for a few years, while searching the city for the perfect spot for a restaurant. And in Restaurant Östra Kyrkogatan, Jon Palmebjörk, Robert Nyberg, Jakob Karlsson, Daniel Nyberg and Marcus Edvinsson hit home. The old pizza-place Taormina has been transformed into a beautiful little neighborhood-hangout, a warm and cozy hangout for the residents of Haga and Sandbacka.
– We dreamed of opening a small restaurant that could serve as a livingroom for the neighborhood, somewhere you'd bring your kids for dinner or just pop in for a glass of wine, says Jon Palmebjörk.

Jon Palmebjork och Joakim Karlsson

Jon Palmebjörk and Jakob Karlsson are two of the founders behind restaurant Östra Kyrkogatan in Haga/Sandbacka. Photo: Jonas Pekkari

The dream came true. In oktober 2021 restaurant Östra Kyrkogatan – or ÖK's – opened its doors with a menu offering the much beloved Smash and Grab Burgers, but also a selection of pasta dishes and salads. In addition, you'll find what the crew describes as "red wine-friendly" pizza.
– The most popular pizza is "räkan" ("the shrimp"), with creme fraiche, shrimps, roe and chili. A lot of people fist come here for the burgers, but discover we've got a lot more to offer, says Jakob Karlsson.

ÖK's Menytavla

ÖK's entré

And ÖK's have had a busy start. There are plans for guest chef's, live music and quiz-nights, but for now the new owners are focusing on getting the day-to-day to work.
– It's been crazy, we're kind of overwhelmed at the incredible start we've had. You can tell people have been longing for a proper neighborhood restaurant in Haga, says Jakob Karlsson.