The past year has fundamentally changed how we meet and even though we have never met so rarely physically, we have never had so many meetings. We have learned to adjust and to use new digital tools, which, sometimes works perfectly but sometimes does not fill the whole purpose of a physical meeting. One thing is for sure, the new way of meeting is here to stay, and we will use different methods at different occasions. Down below you can read more about how you can find the best solutions for your meeting.

Digitala och hybrida möten. Foto Seize media


The future of meetings is hybrid

Which format that is best suited for a specific meeting is equally dependent on which purposes and objectives there are, and equally on what possibilities there are regarding to restrictions and rules. We believe that the future of meetings, to a large extent, will be hybrid i.e., a combination of a digital and a physical meeting with participants and speakers both at location physically and remote via digital participation.The benefits of hybrid meetings are many: it is available to more people and they can participate based on their individual conditions; it becomes time efficient when adapted to a digital format; it becomes more sustainable with fewer travels and less consumption.

To draw as much advantage from a hybrid meeting, both the physically present and digitally participating audience needs to be able to be heard and interact. A hybrid meeting requires thorough planning and knowledge about the technical details but, above all, knowledge on how to create content and an arrangement for a great experience for everyone participating.

In Umeå, meeting venues are working febrile to update their technique and competence to meet these new needs. They have also initiated new types of collaborations to tie up competence within production and broadcasting, all to make you as a customer feel confident in planning your meeting in Umeå. On the page Local partners, you will find a list of actors in Umeå whom can assist you to a successful meeting, no matter which format you choose. You are also more than welcome to contact us at Visit Umeå, and we will guide you through the jungle of meetings.

When restrictions and travel policies stops national meetings and conferences, hybrid meeting hubs might be a good alternative. Here we are presenting a unique collaboration to make things a lot easier.


Digitala möten. Seize möten


Plan your national hybrid meeting with us – a unique collaboration that makes it easier! 

Just as when Sweden hosts Eurovision, hybrid meetings are the best in Sweden. We know the technique, we know the languages, we can plan, film, produce, broadcast and stream in world class quality. From north to south the meetings industry in Sweden have taken on the possibility that the digital progress enables. Hybrid meetings are sustainable, democratic and effective.

Umeå, Västerås, Jönköping, Gotland and Malmö have initiated a unique collaboration to become the best in Sweden in nationwide hybrid meetings. The objective of the collaboration is to offer you as a meeting client a coordination during planning and implementation of nationwide hybrid meetings with participants from all over the country. Together, we want to be the obvious cities to choose when gathering participants from all over Sweden in one and the same meeting, but where the need or possibility to meet at the same destination is missing. By making these five cities central hubs in different parts of the country, you as a meeting organizer, can create nationwide meetings while enabling for many more to participate no matter where they live.

The purpose of the collaboration is to make it easy for you as a meeting organizer by simplifying the paths of contact during planning. We as Convention Bureaus know our local businesses; which ones that are the best in technique, filming, producing, broadcasting and which ones at our destinations that can plan in world-class quality.

Hybrid meetings are sustainable, democratic, effective, and here to stay. In the future not all will be able to or want to travel to meetings in the same way as before. Reach out to us at your nearest Convention Bureau, and we will help you forward in this jungle of possibilities that hybrid meetings enable.