Fågelnäste. Vinter. Granö Beckasin

Unique accommodation

Our destination offers many unique accommodation facilities. Why not try to stay in an old prison, sleep in an "Aurora Tepee" under the Northern Lights, or to live like a bird, high up among the treetops? 


Aurora Borealis. Norrskenskåta

Sleep in an Auroa Tepee, Aurora Borealis Adventures

Spend the night under the Northern Lights. Sleep in a real double bed, while enjoying the night sky through windows in roof and walls of the tepee. You can spice up your wilderness experience with a dog sledding tour and dinner out in the open!

Gamla Fängelset

Gamla Fängelset

Stay in Umeå's old prison from 1861, a beautiful and historic building, carefully renovated. The building contains single and twin-bed cells, double and quadruple rooms. 

Granö Beckasin. Fågelnäste. Vinter

Bird's nest, Granö Beckasin 

The cabins hangs safely anchored in strong pines growing on a hill by the Umeå River. You live several feet up in the air, in the midst of nature, yet with full hotel standard. Furniture and furnishings are personally and carefully selected.

More unique choices for your accommodation 

Stay on an island!

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Holmön, Foto Philip Avesand