10 fun and unique taste experiences in Umeå

Gotthards krog växthus

The Umeå region is jam-packed with exciting, unexpected, and memorable dining experiences. How about dinner in a green house, high-altitude-cocktails, “Norrländsk BBQ” or blueberry wine by the rapids?

We could go on forever, but let’s just limit ourselves to 10 great tips for experiencing the flavor of Umeå.



1. Wild River, Dining by the Rapids 
This is hard core Västerbotten. From May to September Wild River offers a truly unique dining experience. You’ll enjoy a menu based on local produce and you’ll do with a view overlooking the rapids of Mårdeseleforsen. Perhaps you’ve worked up an appetite trekking the adjacent natural reserve or even white river rafting? And maybe you’ll finish of a day of adventure by washing down some marinated capercaillie with a glass of blueberry wine produced in neighboring town Norsjö, or some blueberry nectar from Tavelsjö? See you at Wild River.
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2. Gotthards, Green House Dinner
Gotthards has made it their business to find new ways of making sustainability, fun, creative and most importantly: Tasty. The restaurant at Stora Hotellet in central Umeå has been dubbed “One of the Worlds Coolest Restaurants” by British The Guardian, won awards as “Sustainable Restaurant of the Year” and is the only restaurant in northern Sweden to make the list 360° Eat Guide, ranking hotels and restaurants in the Nordics. But experiencing the Green House Dinner at Gotthards own farming plot at Älvåkern is just next level. Seats are very limited, keep an eye out for release dates on the Gotthards website and social media pages.
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Lilla Krogen

3. Lilla Krogen - captivating flavors
The latest addition to Umeå's restaurant scene. When the daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet crowns Umeå as Sweden's fourth best dining city, the new star is uplifted with descriptive words like "genuine and seasonal bistronomy". Surely, the gastronomy heart throbs a little extra with pride. Lilla Krogen is a relaxed bistro with dishes meant to be shared. With captivating flavors in a historic setting, they steal the hearts of food enthusiasts with precision.
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4. NÒR, Elevated Taste
Dammit. We promised ourselves not to bring New York into this, but we just can’t help getting the Big Apple-vibes from penthouse restaurant NÒR. The menu offers Nordic produce with flavors from all over Europe served with an incredible view of the river and the city and a side of understated elegance in design and décor. On weekends the bar has a DJ setting the tone, and what’s better for escaping everyday life for a couple of hours than enjoying a luxurious cocktail 13 above street level? Cheers!
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5. Rökstugan BBQ - Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
At the edge of Umeås inconspicuous industry area Västerslätt we find flavors out of this world. Since its opening in 2021 Rökstugan BBQ has sent smoke signals to meat lovers from all over the region. The menu changes depending on what pieces of meat the team can get their hands on, but St Louis cut ribs, pulled pork and smoked oxtail are some of the staple items. In addition, Rökstugan BBQ offers classes where the ambitious home chef has a chance to turn themselves into the BBQ-Top Dog of the block. 
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6. Granö Beckasin - a Garden in the Forest
Sleep in the treetops, paddle the river and enjoy tasty local treats. Granö Beckasin transformed a run-down camping ground into one of Västerbottens most interesting retreats where visitors can experience truly local wilderness and gastronomy. Sustainability is key in every aspect – from accommodation to adventure and dining. 
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7. Brännland Iscider - The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 
If it’s good enough for the Nobel dinner – it’s good enough for you. And it is ridiculously tasty indeed. After ten years Brännland Iscider has made a mark as one of the world’s best ice wines, served at gourmet restaurants all around the globe. In Vännäsby, 30 km – west of Umeå – you’ll find the winery and its new Tasting Room where visitors can sample the goods and take part in the fascinating history of ice cider. But wait – is it cider? Or is it wine? The answer isn’t as simple as one might think. 
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8. Le Garage - Umeå’s Best Kept Secret
Le Garage is truly one of Umeå’s hidden gems, and well worth a detour. The small bistro – situated 6 kilometers from Umeå city center – aims high both in its menu and wine list. Owners Mr. and Mrs. Wu Nilsén carefully balances gastronomic ambitions with a warm and inviting atmosphere, making Le Garage a favorite among local residents as well as foodies all around town. 
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9. Facit Bar – Very Swedish Cocktails
It seemed ridiculous at the time. Opening a 1 000 m2 cocktail bar in Umeå serving drinks containing exclusively Swedish ingredients. Sure, the lunatic behind the idea, Emil Åreng, had a few successful years to lean on. He’d received national attention for reinstating the old Cadierbaren at Grand Hotel Stockholm to its former glory, but this time surely, he’d bit off more than he could chew – right? Wrong. Facit Bar is now an institution, it won first prize in the Swedish Design Awards and was nominated as Best Cocktail Bar, Best New Cocktail Bar and as People’s Choice at the 2023 Bartenders Choice Awards. It would appear: Sometimes a dash of insanity is just what you need. 
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10. Costas – Next Level Coffee
Costas Pliatsikas takes his coffee seriously. Millions of viewers watch him make his prize-winning espressos on YouTube and Instagram, turning hot java into an artform. The roastery/café in the city center is the meeting point of every coffee-lover in Umeå, and this is where many of the region’s different restaurants and café’s get their coffee beans. It’s just one of those cozy “hole-in-the-wall”-hangouts we love to romanticize on travels – only right here at home. 
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