Here is a selection of big events to look forward to during 2023. Dates can be changed and events can be canceled, so please visit the organizer's website for current information.


1) Umefolk February 23-26
One of Sweden’s biggest folk music festivals is held in Umeå in February each year. Umefolk is a festival for everyone with folk music and dance interest. It has a wide program of concerts, performances, workshops and children's activities and is a meeting place for old and young, amateurs and professionals, dancers and musicians. This year's event will be an online version of Umefolk. 
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2) Littfest (literature festival) March 16-18
Umeå's international literary festival is a true vitamin boost in the winter cold. The aim is to highlight literature from as many different angles as possible and to create a meeting place for anyone interested.
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3) Nolia Trädgård (public fair) - April 21-23
Northen Sweden's own garden fair with more than 8000 visitors over three days. As a visitor you get access to news in the garden, lectures, good advice and the opportunity to shop. 
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4) Brännbollsyran (music festival) June 2-4
Brännbollsyran is both the largest music festival in Northern Scandinavia and the world cup of brännboll (rounders cup). 
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5) Wheels Nationals Norr (car event) - July
This is the biggest car event in the northern parts of Sweden! Wheels Nationals is a much-appreciated get-together for all Norrland's car enthusiasts. 
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6) Umeå Football Festival - July 
During four days, Umeå is the natural meeting place for players, leaders, supporters, families and relatives from different countries and cultures.
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7) Change The Game - September
Change the Game was founded in 2014 by Balticgruppen. Balticgruppen is a property company based in Umeå that is committed to improving the city and helping it reach 200,000 inhabitants by 2050.The purpose of Change the Game is to contribute to long-term sustainable social development by improving physical literacy among children and young people. 
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8) Umeå Smakfestival (food festival) September 
The “Umeå Taste Festival” is an annual festival dedicated to food and taste. A variety of street food, merchants, as well as local and regional producers will make this a celebration of food culture.
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9) Umeå Jazzfestival - October 
Since 1968, the highlight of all jazz music events in Sweden is the Umeå International Jazz Festival, one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most respectable festivals. Most of the performances will take place on different stages and venues at Umeå Folkets Hus. 
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10) House of Metal (music festival) - November 10-11
House of Metal is a two-day indoor festival dedicated to various kinds of metal.
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11) Sámi week - Ubmejen Biejvieh - October/November
This is a celebration of Sámi culture with lots of fun activities to take part in. Performances, lectures, music, art exhibitions and much more. Sápmi includes the northern parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. 
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12) Umeå European Film Festival - November/December 
Umeå European Film Festival (UEFF) is a yearly film festival in Umeå, northern Sweden. The festival programme includes a carefully chosen selection of contemporary European cinema and locally produced films, as well as lots of events such as film quizzes, seminars with visiting filmmakers, an unforgettable sing-along and lots more!  
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