In the Umeå region we have many exciting nature reserves. Here you will find information about some of them. Visiting a nature reserve this summer guarantees a wonderful nature experience.


The lake Grössjön is located in the outskirts of Umeå and the surrounding nature reserve has several marked trails, barbecue areas and good parking. Hike between dense forest, rocky fields and open bogs. The trails are easy to walk. Don't forget the binoculars as there are many birds as well as a bird tower in the reserve. Learn more here


The Holmö Islands (Holmöarna)

Bring the family, board the ferry and visit the Holmö islands. There is much to discover and do here – from the lighthouse at Bergudden to Holmön's boat museum and nice bathing spots. Bicycles can be rented at the museum. Extend your adventure with an overnight stay in the light house keeper’s homes by the Bergudden Lighthouse or book accommodation on the island Stora Fjäderägg. Learn more here



In Lagnäset you are welcomed by bird song and lush forests. Fish, paddle or hike along the Öreälven river. Canoes are available for rent at Öreälvens kanotcenter. During early summer, the golden yellow globeflowers glow and in August the river offers hot baths. Also, do not miss the views from the high slopes and ravines. Learn more here 
Combine your visit with a horseback riding at Backfors gård or a visit to the moose calves at Älgens hus.



The huge bog Torsmyran is easily accessible from the E4 highway north of Nordmaling. It is one of the largest and most diverse marshes of the Norrland coast. The bog is equipped with a ramp, so that everyone can enjoy parts of the reserve. Visit the marsh early in the morning as the fog dances. Learn more here
Combine the visit with a trip to the Storrisberg caves. See below.



The Storrisberg caves are a must for those of you who want to experience something different! Several larger caves are to be found here. The most famous cave is Tjuv-Antes grotta. In the cave, stable metal ladders lead down to a 1.5 meter wide crack in the rock. In total, the cave is a full 30 meters long. It can be a bit challenging for smaller children to get into the cave, but the way there is easy. Don't forget the flashlight. Learn more here
In Nordmaling there is much else to see and do. Olofsfors Bruk, Humlebäck Keramik & Möbelsnickeri  and Åbrånets Limousin.



The wooden paths on the ridges of Hjukenåsen in Vindeln takes you through a breath-taking ridge landscape. On the main ridge there is a barbecue area and the best view of the landscape. If it has rained, take the opportunity to visit Västerbotten's own volcanoes at the Lerfallet Nature Reserve. Learn more here
The area also offers fine hiking trails and white water rafting. Stop by to look at the exhibitions at Konst i Kvarn and have a coffee at Café Mjölnaren.



If you have not yet visited the rapids of Mårdseleforsen, then it is time! Here you will find exciting mountain plants, 250-year-old pine trees and rushing rapids. Suspension bridges take you across the rapids to the rocky landscape with giant pots, which water milled through the millennia. The rapids are most spectacular in June as the water level is usually high at that time. Learn more here 
When your get hungry, you can visit the Wild River restaurant (don't forget to book in advance) or Granström's café in Mårdsele, both of which are close to the rapids.



The nature reserve in Orrböle, Vännäs, is best known for its orchids that grow in the nutrient-rich spruce forests. Here you can, among other things, discover the Norna (orchid) and the beautiful Guckusko (orchid), with its large flowers, has no equivalent in the Swedish flora. The orchids bloom from late May until midsummer. Learn more here. If you are looking for home baked “FIKA” then indulge in café Tvärssan which is nearby. More excursion tips here



By the rapid Vännforsen, pine, spruce, and leaf forests grow. In the springs by the rapid, you can find the rare Älvstarr (a type of grass). Take the whole family on a day trip and make sure to have a swim at bathing spot by the rapid. You can also hike along the trail up to the ice cream parlour Glassbonden, where the family rafting tours starts. Learn more here
Don't miss the café Kullar & Klang and Leva Gårdsbutik. Or why not book an overnight stay at cozy Wallhalla B&B?



Experience a day by the sea in the nature reserve Klubben, where the river Rickleån meets the sea. Hike along the path across the pebble fields and discover the bath-friendly beaches. Don't forget the coffee basket and bath towel. Learn more here.
Are you looking for more to discover or do by the area? Visit the beautiful fishing village Ratan or take a trip to Stenfors gård if you are looking for exciting flea markets.


Hiking trails in the Umeå region

Seize the opportunity to hike along one of the region's hiking trails. More information can be found here