During Rally Sweden, there will be more areas to visit in addition to the rally arena itself. Here you will find information for navigating between the competition's different event areas.

rödaladan-placeholderPhoto: Rally Sweden/McKlein


Red Barn

This is the arena built on the I20 site specifically for this event. This is where you will be able to see the cars go past at up to 150 km/h and take on jumps that allow them to sail in the air up to 40 meters ahead. To get here, there are buses from Vasaplan in the city center, but you can also take a bicycle, taxi or car.

Get here: Bus from Vasaplan, bicycle, car or taxi. See location via Google maps.



Skeppsbron. Photo: Jonathan Nilsson



The central meeting place for Rally Sweden. Here you will find food and drink, entertainment and After Rally Party. When the rally for the day is over, this is where you want to be.

Get here: Central in Umeå, by the Ume River and the culture house Väven. See location via Google maps.



rådhuset-placeholderRådhustorget. Photo: Fredrik Larsson



Rådhustorget will be the center of the rally family. Experience the World Rally Championship together with fun activities for the whole family! Meet reindeer and play in the snow castle. Food and drink in the tent. Entertainment will also be offered here.

Get here: In the centre of Umeå. See location via Google maps.


Nolia. MässområdeNolia area


Nolia area

This is where the teams are hanging out during the competition days. The festival pass includes entrance to the service area, come by and see the cars up close. There is also a press center for all journalists.

Find here: A bit west of the center. See location via Google maps.