Bus, bicycle, taxi, car or why not a lovely walk? Here you can find easy ways to get around Umeå during Rally Sweden.

Transport within Umeå


In order to reduce traffic in the city and make it easier for those of you who want to get around during Rally Sweden, extra buses have been deployed during the rally days. You who have a rally ticket also travel FOR FREE on all buses WITHIN UMEÅ (Citybussar and Ultra). There will be a Citybus from Vasaplan to Red Barn Arena. Other buses with stops close to Red Barn Arena are line 5 and line 8.

Buses to stages outside Umeå must be booked in advance.

Read more about the bus during Rally Sweden here

Book the Rally Bus




Bicycle or walk

Umeå is a city you can get around without effort. If you want to easily get to the different areas with a little more freedom, there are good opportunities to rent bikes or just go where you are going.

Rent a bike from Cykel och Mopedhandlaren i Umeå AB

Rent a bike from U-bike

Walk map to Red Barn Arena  

Walk map to Umeå Service Park 


It is possible to take the car to Rally Sweden, but it should be mentioned that there is a great risk of queues, especially in the city center.

Rally Sweden organizes FREE PARKING adjacent to the areas. (This information is no longer current, but will be updated shortly)

Parking in Umeå city in general, you can find information about at UPAB or Aimo park. (This parking is not free of charge).

Rally Sweden parking map (This information is no longer current, but will be updated shortly)

General FAQ regarding parkning and transport in Umeå


Rally Sweden means changed conditions for getting around by car in the Umeå region, for example queues.




The taxi companies in Umeå will be equipped to take you straight to the areas. Call well in advance so you do not miss anything.

Eco Taxi 

Sverige Taxi Umeå 

Taxi Björkstaden

Taxi Kurir  

Umeå Elite Taxi 

Umeå Miljötaxi 

Umeå Taxi

Umri Taxi Umeå 

UmeEcoRide - Take an electric pod taxi on the bike paths. Take a ride from the airport / train station or to the different areas. 

Travel to Umeå



There are many easy ways to get to and from Umeå, both on land, in the air and at sea.








Ybuss trafikerar Umeå med dagliga avgångar längs E4:an.

FlixBus trafikerar Umeå längs E4:an.

Länstrafiken tar dig runt i Västerbotten med omnejd.


Other means of transportation

Ferry to Umeå 

Fly to Umeå