There are many ways to celebrate Valentines Day in Umeå – here are a few ideas on how to make the most out of the day.



Menu Valentine's Day for SEK 495 per person. Oysters au gratin with spinach and hollandaise sauce as an appetizer. Main course:grilled lamb sirloin with roasted cabbage, honey gravy and salt-baked beets. Dessert with hazelnut brownie with raspberry curd and whipped vanilla cream. 

Brasserie NÒR
High up on the thirteenth floor of the Clarion Hotel Umeå, you will find a romantic view and a ready-made three-course menu the Chefs Choice at Brasserie NÒR for SEK 695 per person Appetizer consists of lightly cured char with frothy potatoes and leek soup with apple, cucumber and trout roe. Dessert: Crème brûlée.

Tonka Strandgatan
Enjoy a good 5-course dinner in the dining room or try RUS where you can book a table for a slightly more relaxed dinner. Delicious cocktails at the bar.  

Bring someone you like to Sjöbris and enjoy the river in a romantic setting. Valentine's Day menu for SEK 495 per person. Beef tenderloin with porcini mushroom sauce, pickled blackberries, potato gratin, baked shallots, cress and crispy Jerusalem artichoke. Crème brûlée with cloudberries.

Bistro Le Garage
Celebrate Valentine's Day at the cozy neighborhood restaurant Bistro Le Garage in Umedalen. A special menu will be offered. 

At Rex, you can combine your own menu on Valentine's Day. You can choose between two courses for SEK 395 per person or three courses for SEK 545 per person.

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Granö Beckasin
Spend a romantic weekend together in a bird's nest and enjoy the silence high up among the trees at Granö Beckasin. Take a walk along the Kärleksstigen and gather energy in the peace that the forest provides. Then enjoy a nice dinner and end the evening in your private wood-burning sauna.


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Kafe.Museum. ny


Västerbottens Museum
A classic, and also free, dating activity is the museum visit! A short walk from the center you will find the Västerbottens Museum's contemporary and historical exhibitions, and when you have seen everything indoors, you can take a leisurely stroll around Gammlia's open-air museum and get an insight into what Umeå might have looked like in the past. If you feel like coffee, there is a cafe inside the museum.

In Umeå there are many cafes serving delicious Swedish-style fika favorites. Bring your friend and enjoy a good pastry or try a unique type of coffee. There is a mix of cozy places to discover.

Master of Dance by and with Fredrik Benke Rydman
Experience a unique performance where the audience is treated like future dancers and during the performance a unique choreography will be created according to instructions given by the audience.

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