Winter holiday in Umeå

March 6-12 2023

Vinter. Händer. Barn

7 days of fun!

Week 10, March 6-12, Umeå's school children are on holiday. That means lots of time for indoor and outdoor activities, Swedish Fika and fun!
Here we have collected our best tips on things to see and do during that week (and other weeks too of course). 

The information on this page will be updated shortly for current tips during the winter holidays 2023


Create your own Winter Holiday program

The companies in the region have come up with many fun activities during the Winter holiday week!
Here we collect tips on current events for easy planning so you don't miss anything.


More activities to make the most of the Winter holiday


Curiosum Makerspace

Curiosum - science center

An exciting place for young and old who want to experience and explore science and technology. 

Information about winter holiday activities will be available shortly.

Vinter Tavelsjö

The winter holiday peak 

Tavelsjö is perfect for experiences during the winter holidays. The visitor guide TioTopparTavelsjö helps you find your way out and up via its concept. Feel free to buy their top cards and collect codes from the different mountains.


For the winter holidays, a new peak will be launched. Up-to-date information will be available shortly

Västerbottens museum

Winter holiday activities at the museum

Check out the activities at Västerbottens museum during the winter holidays. Up-to-date information will be available shortly



Restaurants for families

Combine dining with fun activities! At O´Learys they offer bowling and at Orangeriet you can play boules and shuffleboard and Pinchos is like stepping into a cirkus. 

Stay in jail!

Experience a real prison. Spend the night in a cell, visit the museum and take part in the prison's history!

Boende. Gamla fängelset.