Höstlov. Curiosum. Häxa

Autumn holiday in Umeå

The autumn holidays should be a wonderful break in November. A whole week of activities with family and friends. We have collected our best tips on what to do in Umeå.

Tips on hiking with kids can be found here!


The information on this page will be updated for the upcoming autumn holidays.



Curiosum. Höstlov.

Autumn break at Curiosum!


You can revel in Halloween activities at Curiosum! Do exciting experiments. See spectacular science shows. Build scary creatures. Join us for breathtaking adventures in the Dome Theater. Don't miss our very special Halloween activities!

Bildmuseet höstlov

Autumn Holiday at Bildmuseet


Holidaymakers are welcome to experience art and create in our image workshop during the autumn holidays. We are inspired by the exhibition Down North and work with weaving, on both a large and small scale.

Opening hours: 12:00–17:00. Drop-in subject to availability. All ages are welcome. Always free admission.

Mickelbo Gård

Halloween at Mickelbo Gård


A mini-animal park with both Swedish farm animals and exotic animals such as yak, llama and camel. 
During the autumn holidays, there is a Halloween theme with a lot of fun.


Höstlov Västerbottens museum

Autumn Holiday at Västerbottens museum


Visit Västerbottens Museum during your autumn holiday for fun activities for all ages! Make a jump rope the old-fashioned way, carve a dragonfly, spin yarn, or craft together to create a work of art.



A fast-paced adventure and a fun activity at Kassjöbacken. Something for the whole family who wants to experience something different. Only possible if it is snow-free. Pre-booking is required.  


Activities at Megazone

Together with friends or family, you can try laserdome, Prison Island and Phazerzone. There is also a billiards and games hall.

Experience an adventure!

Navet, in the centre of Umeå, offers a wide range of activities for swimming, exercise and relaxation. The adventure area has water slides, a stream channel and a climbing wall. Open every day, all year round.